​Zoroaster: The Supremely Enlightened Man and his Prophecy concerning the 21st century

The modern mind is fond of quick dismissals of the wisdom passed down through the many generations from the men and women who preceded our existence. We probably see them as fools that did not have the advantage of technology and audacity to multiply our ignorance a hundredfold as we now do.
Zoroaster (Iran, circ. 1000 B.C.) was a high-level prophet who had an untainted sight of things. Though the local theologians is ever determined to dismantle the teachings offered by these Fully Awakened men who appear in the world for the selfless purpose of sentient beings, there influence of the cosmos does not end there, as opposed to what idiots imagine. 

Enter the modern mind. We tend to look at such beings with awe and confusion without an understanding of what they meant and how they achieved their status as gods. But unfortunately our ignorance and accumulation of faults does not allow us to fathom this for, the dynamics of the spirit worlds works differently from all the lies that the society has generously filled our covetous minds and egos.

In this writing I am in no way advocating for the religion of Zoroastrianism or their holy book The Avesta but, rather, blowing life through the sanctimonious intention of this great being Zarathustra. All spirit world is intertwined in mysterious ways that are beyond the understanding of the ordinary mind, however learned or educated.

To God, righteousness is so worthy, great and valuable that in one instance it is revealed that Zarathustra asked God concerning the appearance of the Victorious One (Maitreya/Saoshyant/Christ/Laughing Buddha): 

“How much time remains until the making of all things (the path of Awakening) new and perfect, and the future victorious Benefactor (of your Grace)?”

God said: “3,000 years”. Zoroaster was awestruck and afraid and said, “A long time remains!”

Then God remarked: “Then do not let this time seem long to you”.

In esoteric knowledge, as in all spirituality and enlightenment, different Masters of Light pass on their message into the future using different literary fashions according to the dictates of the corresponding times and Age. Zoroaster is also the man who accurately predicted that an enlightened man called Mohammed (the Islam Prophet/Messenger) would appear in Iran. 

Concerning the rise of this new millennium he had this to say about the world: “All the people of the world will become wicked and do evils. Were someone to say the Truth to them, they shall come out with weapons to fight Him”.

Long live his immortal Soul in eternal and unsurpassed peace.

20 thoughts on “​Zoroaster: The Supremely Enlightened Man and his Prophecy concerning the 21st century

  1. Simple as ABC! I have seen all that generation come and go. Enlightenment is about remembrance of your victories of the past in the spiritual journey and how these can be consolidated to serve a Higher Purpose. The ordinary life is too boring: birth, death, birth again, death again, hell, hell, suffering etc. I know you perfectly understand my dear Radhika.

    The bible states that (for those who abide in pure awareness) nothing is new under the Sun (both physical and esoteric Sun)

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  2. Yeah, our role is to keep sounding the drums until the sleeping man is disturbed enough to get a glimpse of the light. Thats how seeds are planted in the souls of men, secretly, for the sake of their own future awakening. Then, they will wonder in a bewildered manner: “what the hell is happening to me? I can feel that am becoming different, more serene and so on.”

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  3. Sure! Small minds behave as if nobody is watching or nobody is aware of their existence and vile practices.

    Great minds realize their faults at once and turn “in” without struggle to gather the jewels of liberation.


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