Ordo ab Chaos

Order out of chaos” is an esoteric slogan that is used to hint the curious mind of the difficulties that the mind has to go through before the much-coveted awakening is attained. The mind can only be transcended through a heightened chaos that results from unlearning all false knowledge and conditioning attachments that usually have been accumulated for the longest period. It is by the virtue of the inability to subject the Ego to this fire that the ignorant lives forever bewildered.

To attain the awakening of the soul is to sometimes deny the embellishment of the carnal nature in yourself. That does not mean that you become an ascetic. The concept is purely symbolic and is only supposed to apply to the mind and Ego. 

The biggest joke is that man is usually trapped in his own subtle confusion and faults of character not to mention his lack of real spiritual discernment. It is much easier to live by the conventional means because the flames of Hell are very conducive to his comfort zone. It is part of human nature to believe that it is better to suffer that which you are not aware of without any memory of pain.

The human soul is conceived in the dark, born in the dark and dies in untellable pain and suffering. When I was in college we used to have debates on the best way to die. I was utterly ignorant back then and wished to die a painless death (later in life of course maybe at the age of 100 years having gratified all my sensual desires!). Come to think of it, it is not a question of the physical pain that matters. If that was the case then the richest who are able to afford the best medicine could always die blissfully without foolishly clinging onto life.

The Nature of the Soul is understood by none yet spoken of by everybody, notoriously so by the pundits who enjoy to squeeze some miserable coins out of your pockets, as you worship them (instead of God) mindlessly. The same applies to the penultimate ardent atheist who chooses to believe in nothing. The miserable atheist suffers of his own void Soul. 

The soul is like a software that needs various programming to run effectively as the “Creator” intended for it to. As such if the “Software” doesn’t run properly it tends to function abnormally causing serious damage to the entire device. 

6 thoughts on “Ordo ab Chaos

  1. Good! And that becomes an inevitable source of decadence of civilization, as we discussed slightly on the “Modern tower of babel article”, and also results in untellable depression in many whose minds are only trained to rely of the unreal.

    Mankind has to wake up to the fact that he is more than an animal. He has to walk, precariously though, on the rope suspended on two towers if he is to achieve the ” Superman” / “Higher Man” inside of him.

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