​The Devil’s Dictionary

Ambrose Bierce was a writer in the early 20th century. His work helped much in triggering to wake the intellectual volcano in me. I don’t know much about the man but a single statement from a person is usually more than enough to bring an exposition of the stages of his own spiritual progress and evolution. 
Thus said, persons like Ambrose flourish in their works, though they are usually oblivious of this fact, because in their previous lives they have devoted themselves to cultivating the spiritual genius in them that in turn results in awakening their mental faculties. I can offer infinite examples on this aspect of spirituality: Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and so on.

In honor of Ambrose I will be running extracts from his writings heretofore mentioned though the title will be replaced with “The Sage’s Dictionary”. When the inspiration arises I shall choose the words that carry pertinent humor in them and publish them here. Such effort is very helpful to the seeking soul that needs to advance their unlearning process, something that is mentally taxing than the greatest PhD in the world.

Something worth noting is that Ambrose is a Soul rebel that camouflages his wisdom in the humor evoked in these words and their explanation. The most important part of the jokes is that he seeks to expose the ignorance of mankind and how meanings are assigned to words to continue delusion in the society and to keep everybody (including the most learned psychologists and theologians) within a certain societal “hypnosis” Circle.

#1. ABILITY, n. The natural equipment to accomplish some small part of the meaner ambitions distinguishing able men from dead ones. In the last analysis ability is commonly found to consist mainly in a high degree of solemnity. Perhaps, however, this impressive quality is rightly appraised; it is no easy task to be solemn.

#2. ABNORMAL, adj. Not conforming to standard. In matters of thought and conduct, to be independent is to be abnormal, to be abnormal is to be detested. Wherefore the lexicographer adviseth a striving toward the straiter [sic] resemblance of the Average Man than he hath to himself.

Whoso attaineth thereto shall have peace, the prospect of death and the hope of Hell.

#3 ABSCOND, v. To “move in a mysterious way,” commonly with the property of another.

Spring beckons! All things to the call respond;

The trees are leaving and cashiers abscond.

                                                       Phela Orm

42 thoughts on “​The Devil’s Dictionary

  1. For real?
    My intention here is to bring to light all the sages who have tirelessly labored to make sure the torch is transmitted to our generation, however fragmented that has been. But we surely owe it to the future generations.

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  2. I am a most complacent individual when it comes to putting thoughts together into an article. But whenever I think about readers like you I jump out of my laziness as an elephant wakes up, bewildered, when a lion appears in its dream.

    Its an honor. Am so grateful, Radhika, that even words fall short of my gratitude. Thanks a lot.

    This conversation has made me want to publish one more article as a sequel to the previous one today.

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  3. And, once more am grateful for your comments for, a comment from you calls up recollections very dear to my mind having been on the “path” to the inexhaustible and boundless Nirvana for so long, at times even procrastinating the methods and the attainment itself. Tx.

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  4. I remember being introduced to Bierce (through his short story, An Occurence at Owl Creek Bridge – you should read it) while studying literature and I actually picked up a copy of his Devil’s Dictionary at the time. i spent hours reading it and sharing with friends his clever and witty definitions to the words he included. One of my favourites is his definition of being ‘alone’ – in bad company! I thought that was brilliant. Your article has brought back a flood of memories. Great blog, by the way, and thanks for the follow!

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