​The Doubts and Regrets of a Seeker

The path of Enlightenment is not that easy at times – experiential tests have to be passed from to time. Nature provides this abundantly, and naturally. In the midst of the “Search” the seeker feels abandoned and cries foul to God at seeing how the fool that does not care about the existence lives in apparent bliss and wont to live in a flurry of profane pleasure.

My expositions go beyond the obvious religious scruples that obsess the ordinary man in the street. Many are the times that adept seekers get stuck somewhere along the path but such impediments can be quickly overcome by further cultivation of the mind. You ask: how does one get to know that their efforts are bearing the right fruits?

The mind that is properly inspired and illumined with the knowledge of self-liberation pours forth its wisdom with ease in the shape of poetry-like utterances of great beauty and deep significance. This I have seen in most of my blogger friends some of whom are brilliant poets. 

The writings or teachings of a Sage deal with more than one aspect of Enlightenment; sometimes they hint on how to inculcate awareness in your life and at other times they hint on what’s not healthy to do. The more you concentrate your mind in the right way the more you get to experience the fruits of the glimpses of Enlightenment such as loving-kindness, greater striving and so on. These further lead to greater Realizations which bring about contentment, happiness and feeling of non-attachment to circumstances.

The ignorant suffers from unending unsatisfactoriness, be he a millionaire or a pauper, due to a staggering failure to realize these truths about impermanence of things and how conditioned he is to the aforesaid. In contrast the great seeker exhibits unshakable and single-minded determination, which is the effort through which one still unenlightened sets his/her heart upon the path of Enlightenment in the presence of one who is Fully Enlightened. This is natural economics of the multiverse.

The Skillful Means of a Sage

A skilled Sage possesses a remarkable ability in teaching exactly the right Enlightenment to fit the current situation and to therefore meet the understanding of the listener/reader. By such expedient means he/she does not teach deep truths of Enlightenment to those who are not prepared as yet to receive them and in so doing, the Wise and Resplendent Sage grades his/her message for varying circumstances and intellects.

Thus, the gems given by the Wise Sage to his/her friends are usually mostly fitted to their temperaments, abilities and circumstances. 


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