​Attachment – the Devil’s Prison

Ordinarily human beings live and are extensively unable to free themselves from the prison of misery and restlessness – however rich or powerful one maybe – for the simple reason that they can’t recognize attachment to things/life/people is the devil that conspires against their desire to attain true happiness and fulfilment that arises by living one’s true purpose.

Great homes, palaces and crowded cities are the places where we now love to stay,

But remember they will all become forgotten,

After you have departed from this holy world!
Pride and vainglory are the elusive lures,

Which humans love to thoughtlessly follow;

But they should be reminded that, when they are about to die,

These delusions offer no shelter or hiding place.
How stupid is it to sin with recklessness,

While the pure Teaching spreads all around you,

How foolish to spend your life without meaning,

When to have such a precious human body as you do is so rare a gift from God.
How ridiculous to cling to prison-like dogmas and petty beliefs,

How laughable to spend your precious time arguing with friends and relatives,

How senseless to cherish sweet and tender words and compliments,

Which are but empty echoes in a dream-like life,

How silly to disregard one’s life by wasting your mind’s energy fighting politicians who are but frail flowers.
In a multitude of the ignorant, the clear and sensibly wise,

Should clamor for the highest realization of Enlightenment,

That which cleanses and purifies the Soul eternally,

That alone heralds the taste of True Freedom.

8 thoughts on “​Attachment – the Devil’s Prison

  1. A beautiful post.
    My own feeling is that while we should not pollute our good works with angry energy, most of us should do what we can to mitigate the evil that we see. I believe that to passively allow evil to flourish is paramount to supporting it. We simply need to raise awareness of it from a place of stillness.
    Thank you.

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