​Haiku: To Live through Pure Awareness

Haikus are a style of expressing enlightenment that is the essence within all humanity but which is often missed out by many because they are inclined to cling onto the delusions that the world has to offer. Lest we are aware of this essence within, we do not get to live life fully. 
We might have ears, but fail to hear; we could be having eyes but fail to see the Truth that the universe provides so abundantly. Oftentimes we are just existing – living life akin to that of a tethered cow that is completely sated by the delicious grass it devours daily till one day when it grows old and dies, or gets slaughtered somewhere along the way. 

To be aware means to be explicitly aware of life itself – not your carnal needs and wants alone. A Haiku is thus an expression of life lived through the light of Enlightenment.

Rose flower leaves,

Falling down – 

Showing front,

Showing back.

            – Ryokan

17 thoughts on “​Haiku: To Live through Pure Awareness

  1. Yeah, the Japanese had their way around the haiku back in the days when enlightenment was something of much consideration in society. Now men dont care anymore because, after all, everybody is lost – that is what they say here in Africa.

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