​Truth is Beyond all Words

I will provide a story below to illustrate briefly that the Real Truth is not to be found in the mere composition of words whatever language that may be. Life can only be understood by truly living it in full wakefulness and within the ken of the torch that is Self Realization – that which illumines everything that you perceive. The story shows much Enlightenment that is concealed in the dynamic silence of the Buddha Shakyamuni – the fourth Buddha.
Thus I have heard that once a renown philosopher visited the Buddha and asked him: “Without words and without silence, will can you please tell me the Truth?”

The Buddha sat quietly, unperturbed, with his ever-elusive and welcoming smile.

The philosopher then bowed and reverently thanked the Buddha saying thus: “With your unsurpassed loving kindness I have completely cleared away my delusions and entered the True Path to Self Liberation.”

After the philosopher had gone away, Ananda (the chief disciple) asked Buddha what the philosopher had attained and the Buddha remarked, “A good horse runs even at the sight of the shadow of the whip”.

The exposition here is that world knowledge, however much as that of a philosopher or a psychologist/scientist/theologist/scholar, is helpful to a man only for the sake of delivering bread and butter to his family. To realize the Eternal and Unexcelled Truth one has to transcend this duality first so that Higher Realizations can be accomplished.

10 thoughts on “​Truth is Beyond all Words

  1. And that’s when I left the Protestant church as well… it seems the questions rise along with the hormones, and demand answers. Those who require blind allegiance are the ones who lose followers. All Great Religions are founded in Great Questions, and All Questions deserve the journey of answers, because Great Religions will not only endure them, but provide at least one of those thousand paths to Enlightenment!

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