Life’s Genuine Lessons are Stern

I owe much to Zen because it is the path through which I budded, blossomed and flowered. It is the easiest and most eloquent path to the Ultimate Enlightenment. Zen requires a keen discernment from the seeker, and discipline of the mind as well because to learn effectively one must be aware first. 
Therefore, due to my understanding of the Zen doctrine, sometimes I use expedient means in order to drive the message home. There is a legend that says that the mother lion (the lioness) pushes her cubs off a cliff (bearable enough for the strong and determined cubs) several days after they are born. Thereafter she raises tenderly the cubs that come back. This is the story of all Teachers of Enlightenment throughout the ages. The Zen teaching is actually a communication of life. Yet people, both ancient and modern, have a tendency of becoming less thinking and less creative when everything is poured into them. 

Below, please find a Chinese story that illustrates the barriers that prevent many people from discovering the essence of enlightenment within themselves due to their incessant failure to transcend mere facts in their daily lives. This is to say that our mundane experiences in our daily lives are usually all about hoping from this and that seeking for happiness and fulfilment – and we lose these as soon as we have them because all such phenomena that are constituted of the stuff of the mind and ego are impermanent by nature.

Tozan went to Unmon, who asked Tozan where he had come from. Tozan said, “From Sato village.” Unmon asked, “In what temple did you remain for the summer?” Tozan replied, “The temple of Hoji, south of the lake.”

“When did you leave there?” Unmon asked, wondering how long Tozan would continue with such factual answers.

 “The twenty-fifth of September,” answered Tozan.

Unmon said, “I should give you sixty blows with a stick, but today I forgive you.” 

The next day Tozan bowed to Unmon and said, “Yesterday you forgave me sixty blows. I do not know why you thought me wrong.” Unmon, rebuking Tozan’s spiritless responses, said, “You are good for nothing. You simply wander from one monastery to another.” 
Before Unmon’s words were ended,  Tozan was Enlightened.

10 thoughts on “Life’s Genuine Lessons are Stern

  1. Enlightenment comes from within, not from some temple. The temple provides but a safe, quiet space in which to meditate. I guess Tozan finally realized this.

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  2. I love how you said in the comment above – Its a very exact science.
    It’s exactness is an experience of the perfectness of the design. The experience itself is lost on many because of trying to get the explanations exactly executed. One needs to be absolutely aware and receptive to the communications of the science …very skillful in action and in inaction.

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  3. OMG Infinite, a more astute and profound insight as this I had never imagined of before. Am amazed by your understanding of this phenomena.

    Indeed that will always remain an exact science meaning that the best way for one to gauge their realization and enlightenment is by results.
    Results don’t lie, not in this realm.

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  4. You really make it difficult to stay humble in the moment 🙂 I am equally thrilled to get to have this conversation at par.
    You are very right! It is all seen in the result it brings. The living of it feels far from being completely assured, the results keep showing we are dong it right.

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