​Nirvana – An adventure for the Holy Grail

The real and true Sanctum Sanctorum lies hidden deep within every human being where all the mysteries of the divine nature of life abide, albeit obscured by millions of layers of delusions, illusions, greed, selfishness, miserliness and so on. These subtle human faults can only be perceived by one who fathoms the profounder aspects of our ancient and modern world since the inner essence does not change over time regardless of how much the world may advance in science and technology. The Soul remains untouched.
Reality forever eludes the ignorant mind, while the infinite nature of the Cosmos mocks our puny efforts to imprison it in mere definitions (see my articles on The Devil’s Dictionary) and dogma. This is the paradox of all mankind, ancient and modern. The Ultimate Truth can only come close to the comparison of the vastness of the ocean. Yet man is but a miserable mollusk seeking to encompass this ocean.

Man does not cease his struggle to find God, though he misses all the time because he does it as he does all his other worldly endeavors that are evidently replete with a self-seeking attitude. Ordinarily, there exists a yearning in every man’s (the word man, in all philosophy and literature factors in woman) soul that does not allow him to rest. 

The science of the soul is so unique such that, by default, a person does not voluntarily give up the search because this is the very secret of life – which man has to attain completeness regardless of whether it costs him a million lives, which he has to attain. The laws of nature are eternally inflexible no matter the level of advance in science and technology achieve by a civilization. Hence, or otherwise, man can never be contented, even if all of the world’s treasures were placed under his control, until the day he finds God. 

31 thoughts on “​Nirvana – An adventure for the Holy Grail

  1. Have Sargate on in the background… interesting point Lisa made about 2 hurricanes globally the other week. My mother was caught in Hong Kong’s

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  2. I shall look for that. What does the Egyptian mythology prophecies tell about the overly disturbed Earth in this era, and the intensity of the calamities being sent in all places of Earth in order to shake the arrogance of mankind and remind him to stop worshiping the Devil?? I am curious for, I have read all mythology except: Egyptology, Mayanism and Greek mythology.


  3. Honestly, I just can’t quench the thirst for reading such brilliant 3-line haikus replete with indescribable stillness that is the stuff that enlightenment is made of. You are a brilliant lady in this matter.

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  4. Hi Philip, thanks for following me. Read About you and about your blog. And am glad I found you. (or should I say you found me! ) This is the first post that I read and I right away clicked the follow button.
    The name of the post is what drew me to it for sure. Isn’t that what all of us get attracted to at some point in our life.. I had written this poem after visiting a very very blessed place (the place where a truly enlightened soul once lived). Will look forward to what you think about it.

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  5. Thank you so much for finding me. Thanks again.

    I shall read the work, and respond in due time. Your comment alone is pregnant of so much wisdom and a flair of concentrated introspection.



  6. I have seen the work. You are truly enlightened, you bask in the benefits of wisdom so beautifully. Please let me store a copy of your beautiful work here so that I can read it whenever. Your poem brought up so many blissful memories in me.

    Everything I have, comes from you ;
    Everything I lost, went to you.
    Everything I want, is from you;
    Everything I dismiss, goes into you. 

    I have waited for so many things;
    Some I got, Some still unresolved .
    I add one more thing to that list today;
    And shall wait for it to be resolved.  

    To get to the source of where it comes from;
    To get to the source of where it goes to.
    And if that source itself is within me;
    Then to get to the source of the real me. 

    They say it’s not easy;
    I say, it’s not difficult.
    They say, look everywhere;
    I say, I shall look within.

    One day, I shall seek it.
    Bring it out from deep within.
    And then hide it back; keep it where it belongs;
    So I can seek it one more time … 

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  7. You not only a good poet, but a very enlightened one for that matter. There is much of essence in your work that speaks for me too. The inner voice is mutual inasmuch as am not a poet. I really flopped in my poetry exams in school, but the inner voice still loves such great work as yours.

    Thank you too, for giving me the opportunity to gain a peak into your heavenly space.


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