​The Majestic Mystery of an Enlightened Woman

While I crave the indulgence of the reader for the subtle points that I heretofore set down, I maintain the awareness that there are those unfathomable aspects about women that are not readily available for conceptualization due to the fundamental weaknesses of the sex to which I have the honor to belong. There is so much that men do not understand about women because there is that glass ceiling that exists in our minds, regardless of the level of education, due to a chronic lack of the development of the mental faculties that are quintessential for enlightenment.

Ordinarily, men view women as they have been programmed by the society to. However, the truth of the matter is that there is a certain hidden divinity in all women that can be manifest in many forms. Women are more connected and tuned to nature than men, at least naturally. This means that a woman has equal opportunity for enlightenment as much as a man does, since nature is perfectly fair. The problem arises in the ways in which all societies have been designed. I prefer, for illustration purposes, to consider societies as “tower of Babels” that are always subject to change over time. A good example: who thought that woman suffrage was to become a fundamental right in many places including America, which fomented this principle just last century?

The male species, to which I have aforementioned above that I have the honor to belong, is inseparable from some congenital vanities and stupidities concerning the consciousness of women. There is just so much that a man cannot conceive about the nature of a woman even if he lived with one (or many) for a thousand years. The wonders of the true inner beauty of a woman can only come to the fore when enlightened because that way she arrives at pure awareness where each aesthetic quality dormant becomes perfected just the same we have men becoming gods through full and perfect awakening.

So much has changed in the world for the past two thousand years. In this day and age women have opportunity to acquire active intelligence that would subsequently flower her intricate expertness to reach to the highest peaks of Awakening and Enlightenment. 

Enter the Golden Age.

4 thoughts on “​The Majestic Mystery of an Enlightened Woman

  1. Who teaches a child how to suckle when its born?

    The same way, an enlightened woman will gain the natural instinct in how to “use it” if they have the right guidance.

    Note that the ego does not go far even when a person attains the Ultimate reality for, this is a conditioning that dates back many millions of lives, and hence shedding it is not a walk in the park.

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