​Zen: The Concept of the Gateless Gate

The Teaching that I oftentimes propose makes the mind the principle; and the gateless gate as its very entrance. Since Enlightenment here becomes the gateless gate, how then is one supposed to pass through? 
With this regard, it is of essence to recognize that words are the biggest barriers that prevent the mind from becoming the much-coveted abode of the Garden of Eden – Full Enlightenment. One does not a degree in parapsychology or metaphysics in order to see these realities in their utter nakedness. As such, those who cling onto mere words are the miserably ignorant persons who believe that they can catch the moon with a stick or can scratch their scratchy foot with their stiletto shoe.

Zen is the simplest illustration that can help you understand the basic foundations of Enlightenment; yet it requires much brevity for, to conquer the mind is more complex than winning a world war. The more you advance in the path of Enlightenment the more you are able to bask in the commanding presence of your bliss and pure awareness. 

Then there are those cowards of enlightenment who become very comfortable with remaining at the periphery. It is easy to just get a 1% glimpse of the factors of Enlightenment then keep scurrying all over the social media unleashing great quotes from great masters what is the use of all that if you yourself have not experienced the complete benefits of proper Awakening?

Such individuals would be best likened to the person who watches, from a narrow window for a speedy horseman to pass by and therefore misses everything in the blink of an eye!

The great way to Enlightenment has no definitive gate,

A thousand paths lead to it,

When one passes through this gateless gate,

He/she lives free from all extremes, delusions,

Such a one lives in utter bliss and joy,

The gateless gate is the beginning and end of all seeking.

9 thoughts on “​Zen: The Concept of the Gateless Gate

  1. I´ve made all the Shambhala Training and a lot of other meditation programs. In that time nobody cared about kingdoms and hierarchy and calling the Sakyong “his holiness” . Now, I´m still a member of the Shambhala Center in my town, but I don´t like at all that spirit of monarchy and holiness and king and princesses and all that. I appreciate very much the dharma teachings I received, but I don´t want to be too close to the current “system” . Actually I only participate in a Miksang-group ….. What about you ?

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  2. Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have an entirely different background. The meaning of shambhala is quite mystical, it touches a common chord with the concept of the appearance of the new Buddha Maitreya. There is so much we can discuss concerning the matter of how much meditation has been turned into a selfish endeavor in the modern.

    Before I go further, please let me know your understanding of the “The five disappearances” as predicted (accurately) by Buddha Shakyamuni.

    As a refresher I can mention some: disappearance of attainments, of the method (to Nirvana), disappearance of the relics, disappearance of the symbols and so on. Let me know how much you understand this paradigm shift.


  3. In case you answer and am not able to respond immediately please rest assured I will respond first thing in the morning tomorrow for, its getting dark here, haha, and the chickens are scurrying into their dwellings. Namaste my venerable Friend. #métta


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