Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth

Andrew Carnegie was a very successful American in the late 19th century in the steel industry. His originated from Scotland. The thing that makes him stand out is his deep reverence for charity. A man may not understand numerous scriptures but if he happens to have the slightest understanding and practice of charity as Carnegie did, that man is guaranteed of one day entering the gates of heaven no matter how dormant his other qualities may be.

All religions in the world can trace their origin to charity. This is the only means by which a man can get closer to God. You can spend a thousand years in the Himalayas praying to God if you like, but with the slightest speck of the dust of selfishness the doors of Heaven or Enlightenment cannot open for you. This reminds of a chat I had today with a friend of mine elaborating that Enlightenment is a very exact and deterministic science, besides bearing all the qualities of a stochastic process.

The problem with our civilization is that all the systems are founded on the pillars of selfish endeavors. By this am pointing out to the poverty of all of the world’s economic philosophies which were founded and furthered by men whose only interest was to gratify the egos of the modern corporate while disregarding the need to have in place systems that ensure that there is proper administration of wealth so that the ties of human brotherhood would still bind together the rich and the poor in a harmonious relationship.

But since the extent of human ignorance and miserliness is here to stay, this is where I drag in the concept of the Laughing Buddha (Buddha Maitreya). The same people that accumulate and hoard wealth without a slight thought of innate religiousness are, unfortunately, the same people who get reborn in the dire poverty and acute lack. 

The cosmos exists as a closed circuit, people go nowhere after the final dissolution of their bodies until such a day when all their “debts” and “burdens” are settled thereby attaining the highest enlightenment they can.

33 thoughts on “Andrew Carnegie: The Gospel of Wealth

  1. Thank you Philip,

    according to his instructions, he wrote his masterpeace “Think and grow rich”, where he was announced the greatest secret of enrichment.A secret that can be applied to your whole life 🙂

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  2. Wow. I have not seen that. Sounds quite interesting, I should check that out sometime. However, my emphasis here is that richness that also benefits others, and not the kind of self-seeking I have seen in the books I once read when I was in campus by Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump.

    Thanks a lot Ben.

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  3. How to win friends and influence people. Good for sales. He developed a business training school. I still believe business colleges should be separate from university which is only the 2 major Disciplines

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  4. Oh! I recall that I have read that title! Its a good one. I agree that business colleges should be separate from real education. Actually, these business schools are solely responsible for the delusion we now see in the world, whereby money and wealth have become tools of worship.

    In many relationships in the modern world, money is the only binding factor – in business, marriages, love, friendships, religion, the list is endless.

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  5. Yeah, the imaginations about the falling off cliffs and the like are hallucinations of the mind about the obscure nature of enlightenment which is equivalent to jumping off a cliff that is one mile high. Can you survive the death KC?


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