​Dispensation of the Perfect Buddha – an Ode

Pure are your (wisdom) eyes, broad and beautiful, like the petals of a blue lotus,

Pure is your thought, having discovered the supreme transcendence of all paths,

Immeasurable is the ocean of your virtues, the accumulation of your good deeds,

You affirm the path of Truth with great elocution.
You understand and bestow the Treasures of Enlightenment among others selflessly,

Expert in the deep analysis of things, you elucidate their ultimate meaning,

All these things arise dependently, from causes,

Yet they are neither existent nor nonexistent,

Therein is neither ego, nor experiencer, nor doer,

Yet no action, good or evil, loses its effects,

Such is your teaching.
O supreme among friends,

You found peace, immortality, and the happiness of that supreme enlightenment,

Which is not realized by any among the heterodox,

Though they arrest their feeling, thought and mental processes,

Those friends who are well disciplined in the path of Enlightenment,

Are free of vain imaginings and always deeply peaceful.
Poised in equanimity, your mind is like the sky,

Great Sage, although you speak with but one voice to the world,

Those present perceive that same voice differently,

And each understands in his own language according to his own needs,

This is the special quality of Awakening.

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