​Pythagoras on Universal Friendship

Pythagoras (circ. 570–495 BC), like many other Greek philosophers, realized very early that when all is set and done – when all progress toward civilization has been accomplished – the liberal and enlightened nature of mankind can only culminate to a most-coveted Golden Age whose hallmark would be fomentation of universal friendships. The peculiar aspect of all supremely wise Greek philosophers is that they recognized the need for mankind to expand his knowledge to attain the Universal Mind – Enlightenment. 
As such this most-wise philosopher advocated God’s friendship towards mankind, which he explained through his excellent piety and scientific cultivation. He also observed the need for friends’ awareness of having teachings towards each other, and the subtle relationship of the Soul to the body, of the rational towards the irrational through philosophy and its transcendental teachings.

It was not an isolated incident in Greek literary history when Pythagoras claimed to remember his previous lives. This he did with much accuracy. Plato also was very much aware of this concept of Religion that is as ancient as mankind himself since he well understood that the human Soul undergoes a very intricate evolution before a person can reach the highest peak where the state of Enlightenment becomes the culmination of all human search.

Heracleides Ponticus related that Pythagoras professed to have been once born as Aethalides, the son of Hermes, and to have then obtained as a boon from his father. Consequently he remembered the Trojan war, where, as Euphorbus, he was wounded by Menelaus, and, as Pythagoras, he could still recognize the shield which Menelaus had hung up in the temple of Apollo at Branchidse ; and similarly he remembered his subsequent birth as Hermotimus, and then as Pyrrhus, a fisherman of Delos.

19 thoughts on “​Pythagoras on Universal Friendship

  1. Yes he is. Back in the days when men and women became wakeful they ventured into experiments (sciences) in order to help advance in civilization so that enlightenment of others could be possible.
    We lost the tradition somewhere along the way when the philosophy of these great men fell in the hands of people who didn’t know how to understand these highly visional guys.

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  2. Woah, the question of gaining more prisons does not arise in perfect enlightenment. It eradicates all future conditioning and false paths. Its being Home already with the Eternal Grandmother (as a friend of mine makes me laugh by calling Her that).

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  3. Oh yeah, and its true what you’ve said: prisons are created on the way to the Highest Abode of Consciousness, but to reach to the highest peak one has to master the art of destroying these subtle prisons soon as they have served their purpose.

    The wise seeker knows the importance of burning bridges as soon she has used them in order to ensure there’s NO GOING BACK. Thusly, we have arrived HERE NOW.

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  4. When I started connecting with meditation, I found myself inexplicably drawn to researching and studying Pythagorean theorem, Fibonacci Sequence, Socrates, and Plato. I found so much seemed familiar beyond, “I read this in High School once.” Through this, I began stumbling in the world of sacred geometry and realized my doodlings are not as random as I thought they were. A few weeks ago, I actually did a guided past life meditation and saw myself as a priestess of Aphrodite. I have been struggling to process everything into words or to even connect what it means for me here and now, but I am staying focused on diving backwards to help me see the present. There’s been an echoing thought for a few days now, “All the answers you need are inside of you – just ask”. All that to say, I did not know this about Pythagoras and I’m really glad to have read it!

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  5. Brilliant! I am so impressed that you recognize that there exists some untold mystery in some of these most wise philosophers. This goes a long way in proving why to-day the world does not produce such great men and women because they made sure they went deep enough in their consciousness first before they could start teaching about their respective philosophical knowledge. In the modern world the most learned philosopher is the one who has the strongest PhD, degrees most of which are acquired through cheating in exams and they mostly lack a personal experience of enlightenment.

    Second point:
    The essence of self remembrance no matter how vague is to help you understand that you are on the brink of your final Realization having done enough merits and virtues in the past. The details are not much important but they are helpful to visualize which Path shall deliver you the most beautiful baby called Perfect Enlightenment.

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  6. Oh my gosh, Philip, I just got chills reading this. I’ll say it again, finding your blog is too perfectly timed and needed on by this here itchy assed seeker 😉 haha

    Your first point reminds me of one of the books I read by Alan Watts… He had been saying the occultists – Greeks especially – knew deeply in order to transcend oneself, they must, as Socrates said, “Know Thyself”. To know deeply and intimately the gods and devils within the pantheon of your mind and pay worship to all.

    This resonated with me in light of reading Carl Jung and the shadow self. The duality we all suffer, as Buddha says, is this constant label of good or bad, where the enlightened one sees there is no true good or evil.

    To that end, I stopped trying to change or fix any of me and get deeply attuned to accepting and loving all of me without judgement or labels.

    By doing that, I’ve freed up a lot of space to ponder. My theory has been those like Socrates, Plato, Watts were able to clear the dust of duality, karma, and so forth to access the information readily available to all of us at any moment. I suspect for each person, it is identifying the gift you have, your passion, transcending the ego motives/desires of success/failure, etc. to become a channel of wisdom. It is also trust that by aligning with this path you will be taken care of every step of the way. I believe many of the artists I am so deeply drawn and connected to have walked similar steps…

    That meditation was actually really amazing, too, because in it I saw myself hurting my body in some sort of plea to Aphrodite to bring my dead husband back. I angered her and was essentially cursed with unrequited love for my transgression. In the meditation, I apologized to Aphrodite, she embraced me, weeping, and said how she had missed me. She gave me a conch and a jar of her tears to remember her. I looked up symbolism for both and saw archetypes – Aphrodites tears are roses, and the conch is a symbol of her birth. I was amazed 🙂


  7. You have a mystical way of turning otherwise serious stuff into a bag of brilliant humor. Mom was probably not just convinced enough because mothers continue to see their daughters as kids no matter how old they become. I think it’s more of a psychological attachment that she was afraid that you would meet obstacles thanks to your rebellious spirit.
    But she should have known the soldier in you is as valiant as the best Roman Cato.


  8. That is perfect understanding you exhibit. You are right Enlightenment attainment can be achieved regardless of whether you believe in past lives or not. The two are independent.

    Thanks a lot for the interaction. Welcome again.


  9. That is perfect understanding you exhibit. You are right Enlightenment attainment can be achieved regardless of whether you believe in past lives or not. The two are independent.
    Thanks a lot for the interaction. Welcome again. Do you mind sharing the poem here (on this thread) once you are done? I would very much like to have a copy of it.


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