​Aesthetic Beauty of all Scripture – a Prologue

There is a certain common and characteristic uniqueness of all types of scriptures especially due to the fact all of them originate from the same notion of Enlightenment. Truth is the Ultimate emphasis of all kinds of scriptures. Yes, different men and women, over different times in the prehistoric times, offered revelations to their disciples and this knowledge was passed down through different generations. They could have taught differently but the goal in the letter and spirit remains the same unchangeable Truths I myself try to propound here now.
Scriptures were originally compiled as a virtual encyclopedia that took for their canvas the totality of human experience which was not supposed to be limited to the physical world of kings and leaders, nations and people. The canvas of these supremely enlightened beings embraced the entire metaphysical reaches of the human mind – they reached far beyond the limitations of time and space.

The space framework of these most wise persons stretched across the Heavens and Worlds inhabited by gods, powers and spirits, and far beyond towards Infinity, to an indefinable Ultimate Existence of One Reality. These are clearly out of the league of the understanding of the modern mind having eaten the forbidden fruit for the second time following the invention of modern science. 

The time frame, for these most enlightened Masters, stretched beyond the human scales of centuries and millennia to the divine scales of the ages till it reached a certain ultimate existence of Reality.

The flourish of modern science was supposed to help become more religious but exactly the opposite has precipitated from the untoward treatment of the subject and failure to gain insight for Enlightenment. This is the paradox of humanity, that the very inventions that are supposed to aid our purity of minds to become more divine becomes the barriers to Greater Divine Experiences.

8 thoughts on “​Aesthetic Beauty of all Scripture – a Prologue

  1. It feels like you popped in my mind and wrote this out. I sat outside star gazing last night and had this:
    The reason why depression, anxiety, and all of these other diagnoses are on the rise is due to the fact we have used the immense power and capacity of our minds to make life simpler. To reduce the time we need to survive and thrive, we invented al sorts of technology. Unfortunately, we have collectively forgotten the impetus behind this was to free our time to pursue wisdom and enlightenment. We replaced the pursuit of divinity with the pursuit of money. Our minds now have no good use for their capacity and instead focus on our lives themselves, creating circumstances and situations for problems to solve, and making each of us sick. The problems described by Buddha are now described by psychiatric diagnoses. We’ve all let ourselves be convinced these are illnesses and not our consciousness. Our Interaction with all of life. Because no peace can be found in a paper god

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  2. I so love you for this, with every fibre of my divine portion. You really touched my heart overwhelmingly with your clarity of VISION.

    Oh and yeah, I read your mind after that conversation we had yesterday where you mentioned that in a past existence you was a holy priestess of the god of love – Aphrodite.

    Thanks for this comment, it made my heart fonder.

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  3. ❤️❤️ since that meditation, my capacity for love has changed tremendously. Like the grinch on Christmas hahaha except my heart wasn’t tiny to start.

    Oh man, I hope you got out of the corridors of my mind okay. It’s a lovely place as long as I keep the spiders at bay

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  4. I mean to say that when one is told that one sees better without the barriers of materialistic things, one believes that the sacrifice is happiness, when happiness is the reward of Enlightenment, and deprivation is what we lack in vision, and often mistaken as things.

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