​On the Immutable Laws of Nature – a Corollary

Tens of thousands of years of history proves the constant struggle of humanity to achieve the science and technology that we have now at our disposal. In this realm of progress of the modern civilization we have reached a zenith whereby any further progress shall only be in exponential growth only. For instance we can’t develop more advanced cars, planes or phones than we have now. Now that is good news. But the challenge is that now more than ever men/women from now on into the distant future are more and more obliged to peek within themselves to see what they have been missing all this time.

Until a person realizes that there is only one Source from which we can ascertain lasting and reliable Truths, one will never attain lasting inner-peace or inner-stability. In the ineffable laws of nature are the eternal keys of life, order and correct understanding. 
The words of men, even of those that are considered inspired by the Supreme, are always subjects to erratum in translations, vocabulary, additions (by the authority of the day), subtractions and distortions of fallible mortals and pundits. Therefore, every writing or influence, ancient or modern, must be strained through the test of conformity through direct experience of Full Enlightenment – the beginning and end of Knowledge.

Many men and women of good will but little understanding always struggle to break through the glass ceiling of their minds and that of the collective consciousness of the society at large to no avail, mostly due to lack of proper Guide or due to lack of skill to purify their minds of all accumulated defilements and ignorance. 

The truest form of prayer is communion with Nature. Yet by Nature here I do not mean the trees and the bushes one takes a walk or jog through then they convince themselves that they have experienced unfathomable bliss. I mean something higher than that experience. Would-be advanced Souls (people) regress into lower planes of the spiritual and divine path due to yielding to the sways of the spiritual sickness of the modern world. 

I am sure that you would agree with me that discernment is a sign of a healthy mind or consciousness and that in a sick or dying world (as we are currently living in), civilization, culture or race, substance (the elegant aspects of Higher Life) is abandoned in favor of mundane appearances. Such is the case of a world where there totally lacks the slightest reverence of the Souls – where people only focus on fattening their bodies at the expense of the Soul.

5 thoughts on “​On the Immutable Laws of Nature – a Corollary

  1. I sometimes wonder if it is diversion from the awful truth of our own complicity…the guilt is quite a heavy stone if one does nothing out of fear for self to confront the problems that our inevitable demise is predicated on.

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