Behind the Genius Mind of Charles Darwin

Charles Darwin was a genius that was unfortunately born ahead of his time in a world where only the rational mind is offered reverence, thanks to the rapid advance in science during the late 19th century. Thusly, it is easy to make some wise interpolations into his works since the work of even the greatest geniuses in all of history is not entirely independent of the conditioning of one’s immediate environment – physical or mental – and that has an inversely proportional impact of the quality of the outcomes therewith. 

For instance, if Albert Einstein was born here in Kenya where I am now but at the same time and date as he was born in Germany, would he have realized his full potential to invent the formula for atomic energy and the relativity theory? The answer is of course no. It all trickles down to so many factors that are not immediately of cognizance to the eye.

Now, we cannot understand clearly understand what the genius of the person of Darwin was trying to visualize without a serious and subtle contemplative scrutiny of the inertia from his past lives that had injected him into his dispensation at that time and which helped him invent great theories on the magnificent subject matter of Evolution Theory. Many a time, men and women of knowledge fail to recognize the faults of the great inventors because they feel intimidated by their vast knowledge and have an innate awareness that they have not yet discovered who they truly are let alone lay scrutiny into the mind of a genius like Francis Galton, for instance.

Darwin had had a very religious past. These are souls injected to the present with a certain freshness from the ancient past, where the inconceivable mission is usually to create a synthesis of the eternal truths of the incomprehensible ancient with the current advancement of the civilizations of mankind. But this in itself is not a walk in the park, nor is it a low-hanging fruit – and that’s where the err of genius comes in.

The Darwinian theories have appealed to many especially the learned elite who happen to have very rational minds thanks to a flourish in literacy levels in the world. At the back of his mind, the geniuses have an obscure intuition that the evolution of the human consciousness has come a long way from the beginninglessness of time, through a cosmic play – evolution – of the Supreme Divine which is at times marked with the violent play of the frailties of human nature. It is due to lack of purity in his dealings that mankind that his life is usually fraught with counter-productive universal consequences. 

If you attain the benefits of extraordinary depth of observation and perception of the ancients, which is to be found in the astonishing details of your everyday life and activities, you will get a better understanding on this matter and see how the cosmic play heretofore mentioned sends different men through different ages to reveal the same Eternal Truths as the ancient and most resplendent men and women revealed albeit disguised differently.

19 thoughts on “Behind the Genius Mind of Charles Darwin

  1. Iwas very surprised to read that Darwin had had a very religious past… to my knowledge his father wasn’t religious at all and since his mother died when he was only 8 years old, he was raised by his father and elder sisters.

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  2. Nikola Tesla could have become a multi-billionaire from his transformation of the electric utility industry, but felt it should be free for all to use. He merely wanted to have an apartment in NYC, dine in restaurants conversing with other interestng people and continue his experiments which he felt would help humanity. What was done with some of his ideas in another story itself, but he was a generous, compassionate person who literally electrified the world.

    Enjoy his story…

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  3. And with child(p) minds conceive alike because the Truth never changes… A someone I admire very much is Nikola Tesla – like Albert Einstein, a sensible, compassionate flair without a jot of the avarice that taints the legacy of Thomas Edison and many other(a) well-informed people throughout history.

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  4. Each of these geniuses are sent in the world to fulfill specific tasks. Sometimes their knowledge will be used for material gain by the unscrupulous. This is the way to advancement of civilization.

    Thomas Edison is a guy I shall live to greatly admire for as long as I live. His originality and sincerity inspired me much as went through college.


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