Of the Enlightened Mind

For the aficionado of Self-Realization

Occurrences in one’s moment-to-moment life should be observed with keen discernment,
Labeling this as ‘this’ and ‘that’ as that is merely clinging,

The nature of an enlightened mind is the absence of presumption,

If one deduces presumptive knowledge therein, the she is merely conjuring illusion.
The nature of the mind is akin to that of a gold coin – it has two sides,

If one perceives things and events in one’s life as opposites,

It is as a result of one’s hidden attachments and unchecked clinging towards the respective sense objects.
The essence of an enlightened mind is like a clear sky,

Sometimes it is clouded by the clouds of arising thoughts,

Then the wind the qualified Guru’s inner Teaching blows away the drifting clouds;

Yet the arising bubbles of thoughts are as seeds used expediently to breed illumination,

The Enlightenment that results is spotless and natural as sunlight and moonlight,

Yet it is beyond all time and space – just untellable inner- bliss and freedom,
The Realization is beyond all language, words and description,

Slowly, assurance of having correct enlightenment grows in one’s Heart,

Like the auspicious brilliance of innumerable stars shining forth,

Whenever such shining happens, untellable ecstasy arises,
Such Enlightenment is transcendental, effortless and natural,

It’s beyond the grasp of all human imagination.

Dwelling forever in such Self-Realization is the great secret of the Supremely, Completely Enlightened.

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