The Fallacy of using Mind to search Mind

Par Excellence of Thatness   

Sweetness cannot be experienced;

Though one’s mind may understand what sweetness is,

It cannot experience directly;

Only the tongue can know it.
In exactly the same way, one cannot perceive in full the nature and workings of the mind,

Though, he may have a glimpse of it if it is pointed out by others,

If one gets not attached on this one glimpse, but instead continues searching for the nature of the mind,

He will certainly see it in the end,

Wherein all the glories and inner benefits of Supreme Enlightenment come to be Realized.

42 thoughts on “The Fallacy of using Mind to search Mind

  1. Its a vicious circle in the sense that the person lives totally oblivious that they exist in the realm of the mind all their life without knowing of existence of something more over and above their minds and body. Mark you, the brain, as you have mentioned, is basically a part of the carnal body. My emphasis is on the transcendence of mind ego.


  2. Se sapessimo riispondere a questa domanda avremmo in mano il mistero della vita e non so quanto possa essere positiva la cosa. Tu forse lo sai?

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  3. Grazie al mio amato amico. Affermativa. Conosco i misteri della mente e come ottenere l’illuminazione ultima, e questo è il mio scopo principale qui – insegnare agli altri come possono raggiungere la liberazione. Grazie per la tua determinazione per ulteriori approfondimenti. Chiedere gentilmente ulteriori domande in quanto si verificano. Sono un individuo molto aperto che non batte il bush. Grazie.


  4. Avere una buona serata. In qualsiasi momento sarete benvenuti per una discussione qui nel blog o via email ( nel caso in cui desideriate una chiarificazione e una discussione più dettagliata.


  5. That is so good. I once meditated that if I was to reverse things I would study IR. Its the only career that cuts across everything else because it deals with humans themselves and not just mere concepts. I mean it requires one to understand the human mind in a very broad perspective.


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