Awakening Spheres of far-reaching Wisdom

Baseless fear for Enlightenment causes restlessness to the ignorant. He who lacks a spiritual gene within, whose mind lacks proper cultivation, and who has previously bothered less to gather virtues, fears the Teaching of the Ultimate and consequently misses the great purpose of existence, thereby wandering in the world in an aimless fashion though they might appear to be achieving a lot in the ordinary world.

Universal Enlightenment is absolutely difficult to fathom. It is contemporary by nature – it is not a confine of the ancients alone but for the truly awakened. It brings Self-Realization through a variety of mysterious means while using a consistent methodology of explanation, albeit with innumerable approaches. The meaning of its experience is not literal – unlimited by language or the preexisting conditions. The truly wise do not fear such a Teaching given that they examine it properly and thoroughly.

In the beginning, the adept seeker relies on study after which the conscientious attitude emerges, and from that conscientious arises that correct wisdom whose primary object is the subtle meaning of Thatness. That progress generates the step-by-step attainment of Truth, and therein lies the stuff of perfect Enlightenment.

Since the Ultimate Truth is only experienced individually, without such pertinent as above how can one ascertain for sure if they have stumbled upon the right path to pure Peace and Stillness – perfect Enlightenment?

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