The Teaching on ‘Highest Excellence’

Just as a well-adorned face of naturally outstanding beauty and countenance gives people an evermore intense delight when they behold it in a mirror, so This Teaching, forever and always outstanding in its natural brilliance, gives a still more distinct satisfaction to the wise when its extensive and inner meaning is succinctly elucidated.

Like a venom antidote with foul smell yet sweet in taste and glorious in its benefits, This Teaching ought to be understood to have two facets: its literal facet and the enlightenment facet of its import.

The Ultimate Truth, by nature, expansive, tough and deep, is like a Supreme Monarch that is very hard to please; and yet also like a Monarch, once pleased, it is the bestower of of the treasures of the Highest Excellence.

Just as a priceless classic diamond jewel gives no satisfaction to the person who lacks the ability to differentiate between disparate types of jewels, This Teaching is wasted if unleashed on the unintelligent; the vice versa is true, each gives due satisfaction in the same way.

7 thoughts on “The Teaching on ‘Highest Excellence’

  1. That is the great secret of nature. The teacher holds the key for the student that is serious and ardent enough to achieve the most elegant and ultimate goals of life itself besides the academic attainments.

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