​Death – the thief of all vanity

We spend all our lives accumulating things that we can never carry into the afterlife. While it is important to be replete in all the pleasures the world, not many are able to reach the realization that the essence of all that is to inculcate the ability to be desireless regardless of one’s position in the society. I have seen numerous cases of men who cling on to life when they sense that their hour glass of life is almost full. The chief purpose is to attain spiritual liberation or to cultivate thereof if one wants desirable births in their future.
THE WARTY FROG and the prize goldfish met one summer afternoon in the temple pool. “Don’t you realize how beautiful I am?” bubbled the goldfish flashing her wispy tail. The frog made no reply. “I can understand your silence,” gloated the goldfish. “I am not only graceful in my movements but I also enhance the golden rays of the sun.” Again, neither answer nor movements from the frog. 

“Say something,” demanded the goldfish just as a waiting crane speared the sparkling fish and flew into the sky. 

“Bye bye!” croaked the frog with an elusive smile in his face.

35 thoughts on “​Death – the thief of all vanity

  1. He is a truly evolved Soul. He is well versed in yoga I see, and undoubtedly very Awakened. My approach is however very different because I dont advocate for any practice whatsoever, in order for one to attain the Ultimate. Yoga or meditation taught to seekers always ends up being the barriers of the same. I insist that all barriers and veils should be eliminated and in that nakedness, one gets to realize the Supreme. He is a very great guy with innumerable accolades and recognition. I like him.

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  2. Yoga is just one of the things that he talks about. There are things about knowing oneself that he says which we can rarely hear from anyone. In the talk where he talks about his first experience of enlightenment, he is not giving priority to yoga. And yes, yoga can’t be denied. It is a way to control our mind and thoughts. Meditation is one form of yoga itself which is very much needed to know oneself. If you are interested in his TED talk of 16minutes where he talks about his enlightenment experience, go to this link https://youtu.be/dFRpjk7seF8

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  3. Yoga is just one of the things that he talks about. There are things that he says about enlightenment which we can rarely hear from anyone. In his TED talk where he talks about his first enlightenment experience he doesn’t give priority to yoga. But yoga can’t be denied, it is a way to control our mind and soul which is very much needed to know oneself. Meditation itself is one form of yoga, that is very essential for enlightenment.😊

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  4. Thanks for your profound explanation. I will check that out when I get access to a PC. In the meantime you can hint some of the rare things he talks about. I know the guy from some distant past, if am not mistaken.


  5. And about the things he says, it is better you listen to him talk rather than me explaining. I will ruin it through my version of understanding. Take your time and watch the video later.😊

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  6. Such are the imbeciles a Buddha proudly loves refer to as fools for, they have eyes yet they are hesitant to See. Such imbeciles arrogantly perpetuate their bad births and karmas because they think they are animals whose sole purpose on Earth is to embellish all profanity without any reverence for the innate.

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  7. Wow what a message. The best do not boast but show it through their actions. The frog had the independence which the fish didnt but quietly walked away displaying the message without even hurting the. other

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