​Maitreya – the ‘Perfected’ Buddha

The Path of the Fearless

A Buddha is any completely and fully awakened man or woman from anywhere in the world,
Such a one arrives at his present station through endless effort, over thousands of lives, tirelessly preaching the way to Enlightenment,

The reason why such beings appear is to explain the wisdom of the highest human goal – Nirvana.
Unfortunately, those who possess dull faculties and meagre wisdom,

And those who incessantly remain attached to mere glimpses of awareness and lack intellectual humility find it difficult to imbibe the Great Teaching to total and lasting self-liberation,

The supremely Enlightened are happy usually happy and fearless as appertains to life,

Having set aside all delusions, they propound and Teach the Highest Path.
The fully skilled Buddha teaches and expounds the true nature of Nirvana that is beyond conception,

Such persons appear in continents far away at different time in the continuum of time,

And are therefore difficult to encounter,

Even if one encounters them, it is still difficult to imbibe their Teaching,

Even if memorized for a thousand years it is extremely difficult to understand the teaching of the path that leads to Complete Awakening.
Ordinarily, human beings are usually attached to various desires,

And thusly do not care about the wisdom offered by such beings,

Yet even if they show a little care, they redesign the message to suit their comfort zones,

As is the case with all religions and doctrines,

The fruit bears in the inconceivable future,

Whereupon being confused and refusing to accept such great Truths,

They slide into the troubled states of life.
On the other hand,

There are those who are evermore pure and modest,

And constantly seek within themselves the path to the Ultimate destiny for their Souls,

These are praised extensively by the Teachers of the world,

Thereupon they gain much experience in the rare path,

And without further doubts, great joy arises in their hearts,

Knowing that they will become Enlightened!

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