​On the Grace of a Guru

The Great Compassion

Having realized the various facets of Enlightenment,
And that the state of the Teaching to the Ultimate Truth is permanent and unchangeable,

Different Teachers teach with varying skillful means.
Different Gurus appear in different parts of the world to deliver This Teaching,

For the purpose of make those they encounter to know inner peace,

The great Guru knows and understands the utmost tranquility,

And this they teach by use of varied skillful means, depending on numberless factors.
Having a clear understanding of all human character – their deep and subtle intentions, past acts and deeds, wishes, persistence, and magnitude of strength, and their keen or dull faculties – 

The reliable and dependable Guru Teaches by use of subtle skillful means,

In so doing, he uses different kinds of explanations, illustrations and a rich variety of words,

In accordance with the capacities of different people,

They thusly reveal the path to the Unexcelled.

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