​On the Inconceivable Enlightenment of the Buddhas

Dramatis personae of Buddhas

The perfectly and completely Awakened ones are inconceivable,
Nobody is able to comprehend them fully,

It’s difficult to discern the fearlessness, Self-Liberation and other attributes of a Buddha.
Formerly, under innumerable Gurus, they have accomplished their search for the miraculous,

And the Truth, which is profound and excellent, hard to perceive and difficult to understand, this they have skillfully Mastered,

Such is the great results and rewards in the spectacle of Supreme Enlightenment,

It is difficult to explain This Teaching for, the powers of speech fail,

Difficult it is such that even if one thousand brains of the best genius in the world were put together, it would still be inconceivable.
Hard it is, indeed, to attain the profound and subtle Awareness,

Awareness that is incorruptible (by false views) and beyond all comprehension,

The words of a Buddha can never be inconsistent,

For, the essence of the Teaching is to cause freedom from the bondage of adversity and to attain perfect Enlightenment,

And to reveal all the pertinent Teachings through the talent of skillful means so as to cause freedom from the various human attachments.

14 thoughts on “​On the Inconceivable Enlightenment of the Buddhas

  1. It is the hardest thing to achieve. Why so? Because it is supposed to be intent on the mental plane before it can manifest in the physical realm. I mean, it is an inner commitment which, if properly effected leads to permanent inner bliss.


  2. No. They completely understand the wickedness of American system. They know all the bad karma that USA has enforced upon many nations. They know how Americans forgot to worship and revere God since they found a new continent and thought that it was all by their effort that they accumulated such great fortune. They know everything about the extensive and intensive worship of idols (celebrities and materialism) in America. They basically are omniscient.

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