​The Concept of the ‘Unseen Fruit’

As every action must have a reaction (force), so there is a fruit for every spiritual virtue and merits cultivated correctly. For instance, if one was to think that mental serenity is the fruit of charity then its deliberation as an activity, too, must have a fruit – mostly not perceived immediately as the dynamics of true spirituality don’t adhere to the errant doctrines of instant gratification.

The fruits of pleasure and pain are generated in the same fashion. Spirituality has a lot of similarity to math and science whereby a result is achieved by a combination of different sets of variables and parameters where each has unique characteristics and impact on the final result.

This is the paradox of human life – that everybody only considers the tangible benefits of their actions (desire) while completely remaining ignorant of the far-reaching consequences in terms of their innate divine natures and spirituality. Therefore, it’s rare to find even an infinitesimal number of people taking interest in activities that bear the Unseen fruits. 

There are lucky ones who, having accumulated merits in their past, manage to become free from the unseen and afterwards become self-liberated without much effort on their part. On the contrary, the performance of one’s actions in life without the consideration of the Unseen inevitably leads to bearing results (in the present) festered with afflictions. 

Ordinarily, men operate from a point of spiritual sleep in their lives. At any one time in the world there is usually innumerable beings experiencing undesired circumstances in their life (that is, events that were not intended or desired by them) and because none of them knowingly or deliberately dealings that have an unseen, undesired fruit, it would have been of supreme importance and pertinence for them to know and understand that all doings have invariably unseen fruits. Even that activity which has a tangible and seeable result can be extensively be explain by use of this concept.

This goes a long way to explain the nature of human suffering regardless of position in the society since a restless mind cannot find tranquility even though all the gold in the world was endowed upon it.

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