​The Middle Path of Zen

Zen is the most beautiful path to Awakening since it is a distillation of the synthesis of all other paths. The origin of Zen is to be found in the Teaching of the Buddha, especially on that opportune moment when he held a beautiful rose flower in front of his gathering of learners without saying a word. The people in the congregation were dismayed not to know what to say or do. Only the disciple Mahakasyapa understood the joke for, he beamed with an authentic and elusive smile akin to that of the Buddhas.
The nature of Enlightenment is such by nature – communicating it, words fall short of the entirety of its meaning and significance. There are many who have spent many years practicing meditation and yoga and still ended with an empty fist. 

True Enlightenment is not conditioned on anything. It is beyond all morality and human delusions. As such the Truth is not to be found in the ordinary system of thoughts whose origin is traceable to the mind alone. One may indulge in all they wish as long as their hearts retain ineffable the purity of intention that is common of all the supremely Awakened ones.

A certain Zen Teacher celebrated Christmas with his Students, drinking beer and whiskey until after midnight, then rose next early morning before dawn. Peevish, he expressed annoyance that his American Students had not risen in time to do Zazen before morning breakfast. 

When they murmured that their sluggishness might be accounted for by all the drinks they had the previous night, the Teacher snapped, “Beer is one thing, and Zazen is another! They have nothing to do with each other!”

4 thoughts on “​The Middle Path of Zen

  1. Intention paired with awareness means never paving a road to Hell with such… and all because we cannot stop at presumption; rather, we must be certain of the condition and contents of our own hearts or the trajectory of best laid plans means nothing.

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  2. hahahaha! I love this. I remember when I began stumbling on this path, I envisioned Zen is this constant nothing. Quiet brain, sitting on a pillow, constantly smiling vaguely as if I knew all these great truths, never angering, never ___ing. You’ve captured the true essence of zen here – the freedom of being human without the fetters of judgement, the responsibility of being human with the freedom of discipline, and the wisdom of being human to know words will never adequately convey the beauty of a rose.

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