​To Forge Ahead Unremittingly

Celestial Happiness: The path less trodden

Life is one infinite continuum but, due to our attachments and clinging, we only remain aware of one dimension out of thousands and that is our present existence. Life keeps many treasures hidden from us which become realizable after one gets the chance of meeting a person with great wisdom, thereupon persuading them to enter the right path to freedom. Such an action results in many inconceivable inner benefits even if it happens briefly since spiritual seeds planted in the Soul usually don’t regress easily.
Celestial happiness is understood by those who have enough courage to follow the path less trodden. This goes a long way in remembering and smoothening the links of causation that have gained momentum and inertia from previous lives. 

Thereupon proper charity [charity here has less to do with money] eliminates unnecessary greed, discipline cures complacency for Enlightenment, patience eliminates hatred, determination overcomes laxity, proper contemplation cools the mind hence making it receptive to wisdom, and consequently wisdom dispels the veil of ignorance.

To understand the path less trodden is to endeavor to assist other persons that along the Way by leading them onward and upward while simultaneously seeking one’s own Enlightenment. In Enlightenment, as in any other discipline, if there remains a fetter however insignificant, this leads to one’s very wisdom becoming colonized by consciousness and subsequently turning into an impediment rather than being a great virtue. This is visible of those great persons who on the periphery appear to be very charismatic and supremely Awakened but their center lacks 100% tuning.
True wisdom and virtue are not, really, things to be grasped, conceptualized, manipulated or used. This is the paradox of the modern-day Gurus and those quacks who are usually very intent on claiming to have a big store of wisdom yet they lack the evidence of having helped enlightened a single person. The knowledge and wisdom of such a person becomes an invisible obstacle for the follower in question.

Of supreme importance is to understand that Emptiness is the ultimate substance of all Teachings. Whenever such Teachings are contemplated with the understanding that they are rooted in Emptiness, then Great Enlightenment can be attained. This is why no matter how long professors and scholars study the Teachings or Plato, Socrates, Jesus or Buddha, they can never get Enlightened because they don’t understand the existence of the concept above. It doesn’t matter how bright one is or the number of degrees they have.

Non-wisdom is the True Wisdom and non-attainment is the True attainment. This is what it means to know the essence of Enlightenment deeply, wherein the fundamental conditions of one’s unnecessary attachments and delusions STOP and the subtle kinds of suffering and ignorance are finished FOREVER.

23 thoughts on “​To Forge Ahead Unremittingly

  1. berleave it oar knot (I usually say “believe it or else”) I purchased my book in Sept. 1969. my group of cronies were interested in what we called “weird shit”, occult, ESP, etc. I tried reading it a few times but got bogged down/turned-off/dis-interested in the plethora of forewards and such. however: since retiring, I’ve decided to read books I’ve had for 1/2 of forever, and finish them! e.g., Cry the Beloved Country by Alan Patton (may be Alon Paten…) — my mom gave to me 50 years ago! and I recently read it and enjoyed it. upbeat, considering it involved apartheid S. Afrika. and so …

    The Tibetan Book of the Dead is paperback, editor/translator/whatever is W.Y. Evans-Wentz — Oxford University Press; the edition I have (after 3 or so versions) came out in 1969. Allegedly similar to the Egyptian Book of the Dead ! — about: what to do and how to perceive and expect after the demise of the physical body in a given lifetime to better prepare for the next reincarnation. The goal, of course, is to somehow be cognizant to bypass “the next reincarnation”. sigh. I’ve racked up so much (bad) karma this time around I’ve probably got a few (?) more to go …

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  2. No, you are lucky that your bad karma is not too much to expiate. You definitely have a good taste for reads. I have heard about the Egyptian Book of the Dead but I have never had the occasion to go through it.

    Basically much of the gems collected in the early Egyptian civilization where the wise men of that time well understood the need for a person to set the way to desirable rebirths. But they lacked enough well advanced men to expound further on this inner evolution whose end-aim is to enter Enlightenment.

    I love your attitude, like mine as well, about knowing how good pearls in books are hidden in the dross of plethora of much unnecessary introduction, preface and crap like that mainly for the purpose of scaring the reader intellectually. You can see through the trick?

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  3. Sono onorato tanto la mia cara amica Silvia per ricevere questa approvazione più gentile. Grazie mille. Ho tanto più lavoro per aiutare gli altri ad elevare la propria coscienza, ma mi ritrovo trascinata da alcuni vincoli dato che è difficile da fare di più per conto mio. Grazie mille per il tuo apprezzamento e supporto.


  4. And to add to this masterpiece, non virtue is virtue. If you do anything for the sake of anything beyond doing, you’ve effectively pushed it further away. I have been trying to help others understand this in relation to desire. If you say, “I want ___” you have clearly communicated you do not have it, which means no matter what you do, it is beyond the tip of your fingers. If you say, though, well then, “I do not want to want that” you are still desiring, because you are simply a mirrored reflection of your desire. Non duality shows us the extremes we force our psyches under. In either side of the mirror, you obfuscate the truth that trust is to allow being. I remind myself constantly with things like money, every time I have needed something, I have gotten it. No manufacturings of my mind, will, whatever, have changed that. My brain may like to tell me “we did this” but it is a lie and I know it.

    Abundance is a disgusting buzz word right now, as spiritual people flock to their meditation spaces with grocery lists to the universe to manifest with law of attraction thanks to the quacks and gurus you mention. True abundance is knowing – not saying, not demanding, etc. that all your needs are met in every moment of every day and being thankful. It’s not, oh wow, I have a great life and I’m so thankful so I’d like to get that new job, car, and shirt that i have on my vision board. Zen has helped me find joy in the breeze or contemplate a rose for an hour. I believe it was the great Socrates who said, “Happiness is not about seeking more, it’s about having the capacity to enjoy less.” and this brilliant piece would make Socrates smile with your wisdom 🙂

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  5. Haha you should know that Socrates still lives and he is actually smiling wherever he is.

    In the first paragraph you have something very profound. I would love to add on to that: WISDOM IS NON -WISDOM.

    It is the greed for knowledge and wisdom that actually makes many remain ignorant and suffering with no end in sight.

    Are you conversant with THE TEN BULLSOF ZEN?


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