​Galileo Galilei: All Truths are easy to Understand once they are Discovered

The great Italian philosopher

All Truths are easy to understand, indeed, once they are discovered – the secret is that you have to discover them first. Generally, we human beings are cowards of the unknown. Galileo (1564-1642) was an outstandingly intelligent way ahead of his own times. 

It is not uncommon for such spiritually advanced persons to appear in different places in order to help in the elevation of human consciousness. His wisdom and philosophy was unequalled by any of the contemporaries of his time. Such is the nature of a Soul that is on the journey to the Ultimate.

Galileo had the transcendental and rare understanding that it is impossible to teach people anything due to the nature of their minds conditioned for thousands of lives and that the best effort is always to help a person discover the essence that lies dormant within themselves. 

Most of his wisdom and enlightenment arose during some of his blissful and introspective moments for, he understood that mere philosophy was nothing to cling to as Enlightenment holds all the great wonders only discovered by the few who are courageous enough to taste the dew drops of the essence that arises from one’s innate divine Self.

This most wise man had much compassion and appreciation of the Enlightenment of Plato. It is when you compassionately embrace the wisdom of another, however scanty it might be in virtue, that you get to gain a spectacle of their auspicious visions. The secret is that a keen eye for discriminating the wheat from the chaff is that is of utmost importance. This is important for the simple reason that each person has his own unique path in this life, now and in the hereafter, and yet this is the beauty of life – that all persons are like the fingerprints don’t have semblance even in the case of identical twins. 

This is the secret of the greatest men and women in history; that is how they leave footprints that sentient beings are left to recognize and identify with forever.

25 thoughts on “​Galileo Galilei: All Truths are easy to Understand once they are Discovered

  1. Hey,, thanks a lot Radhika. I laughed when I read today that Galileo once said that he should have begun his academic studies by following the advice of Plato who recommended that to be a great philosopher one has to be a mathematician first, that because, as Galileo would later put it, God manifests in through deep mathematical intertwining which even the scientist cannot fathom directly.

    This would imply that what the scientist actually knows is like a thousandth of the true reality of things. Thus, he was not only a philosopher but also an atom on a strong spiritual journey, headed for the “ultimate fission” of his soul into the abundance of true Enlightenment. Lol, I hope this doesn’t sound stranger than fiction¿

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  2. Gazie beloved Sherazade! Actually I just discovered that Italy has had very talented philosophers even before the C.E. Could you be aware of this beautiful effort by such selfless men and women to enlighten the world?

    In realtà, c’è più di quanto intendo lavorare nel prossimo futuro riguardo a questi filosofi e uomini saggi illuminati, in esecuzione da Maria Agnesi (XVIII secolo), Anicius Bothius, Francesco d’Asissi e così via. L’elenco è infinito. Avete alcune grandi biblioteche in Italia che hanno queste opere eterne e altro ancora?
    Grazie per la tua gentilezza e supporto.


  3. There are many lessons to be taken from Galileo, and the one you raised that really provoked me is the cowards of the unknown. Nothing could be more accurate then present times. Look at the Las Vegas shooting – the obsession presently with finding out “WHY” this man did this… as if somehow that will change a damn thing, or even…what, prevent a future occurrence? it’s asinine. But it is unknown, so people go berserk.

    i find the true path to knowing anything, to creating known from unknown, is to ask a question. I contended awhile ago that genius lies in the ability to ask and answer your own questions, and then teach someone else. Artists are geniuses who do the same, but then make you feel it, without even knowing you’ve learned. So many are terrified of asking a question though, to admit they do not know. Everyone is an expert on nothing.

    The greatest accomplishments we have ever seen started with a question and an unknown. How terrible it is that the great catalyst is now the great fear for most. My question started and remains unanswered, “Who Am I?”

    One thing I have learned, as you put here, I discover most for myself upon the shoulders of geniuses and their questions. Yet, as Buddha said, and you say here – it only matters if it aligns with my own common sense. The ambiguity of removing the black and white/right or wrong of logic drives many insane. It’s as if the process itself is to teach yourself to remember, forget what you have been taught, teach others to teach yourself, but never forget that you are the only compass.

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  4. This has so much gold in it it will take me a day to respond. Your mind amazes me. Seems you have done quite a lot to cultivate your “innate merits” in the past, with such success as is visible in the profundity of your statements.

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  5. You’re too kind Philip. You inspire me like cocaine to Stephen King hahahahahaha you’ve given me so many smiles today and I thank you from the depths of my heart. If you were here, I’d hug you so tightly, I’d probably break a rib!

    This reminds me that I wanted to tell you about another past life meditation: I was a Roman soldier, beheaded for essentially asking to many questions. The irony of typing this here is giving me the giggles.

    It’s funny to know when I started and initially became convinced I was god – like in a big supreme ego inflation sense. As I’ve continued beyond that illusion, I find all I truly find joy in is discovery. Learning. Philosophy. For no great auspices of success or whatever, just the love of wisdom. It’s as if I stumbled into a home I’ve lived in forever yet was too blind to see

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  6. This is so great a meditative method. I will tell you a great secret of the greatest and how they were able to Master reality so perfect was through having a penchant to visualize and meditate upon fragments of your Self spread throughout the plethora of your thousands of past lives.
    It strengthens every merit and subtle virtues you have accumulated in the past. It amalgamates a specific factor of Enlightenment. It can best be seen as a domino effect whose benefits are inconceivable. Its like adding an extra miniature engine to a car.

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  7. “As if you have stumbled upon a home (albeit hidden) that you’ve lived in forever. This is the essential purpose of true Awakening. Its a conscious effort to gain intuitive remembrance of who you have always been and this is the best way you can make the world a better place because if one out of a billion flower blossoms and blooms it makes the garden a most beautiful sight to behold and this makes your guardian angels so happy and liberated. You have very unique instinctive wisdom.


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