​Loving-Kindness – The Secret of the Great Sages

Seeds of Enlightenment

If, knowing the depths of our hearts,
You give us your predictions,

It will be like cooling our long-time fevers,

By sprinkling us with the Teaching of True Illumination.

It is as though someone coming,
From a nation suffering from famine,

Were suddenly to find

A great king’s feast spread before him,

Yet is stricken with awe and doubt,

And does not venture to eat,

Until being instructed by the king,

He dares, at last, to do so.

We are exactly like this, our great friend,

We have been constantly wondering,

About the inherent faults of the other life’s endeavors,

And so we had no clue of the Way to Nirvana,

To obtain the highest wisdom of the Great Sage,

Saying that we will become enlightened.

Unfortunately, we still have doubts in our minds,
As if we dare not eat the gourmet meal,

If we can receive the Sage’s prediction,

That will immediately put us at ease.

The Sage, the Great Hero,

Always aspires to put the good people he meets at ease;

And so we entreat you to bestow,

Upon us your predictions,

As though to starving people,

Waiting for permission to eat the gourmet meal.

34 thoughts on “​Loving-Kindness – The Secret of the Great Sages

  1. And we most certainly are starving — mistaking our bloated bellies for gluttony, when all along it was simply an overabundance of ignorance feeding empty calories to those of us locked in a fatal dance with spiritual famine.

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  2. Good. The sage having perfected himself and his mind is able to know the inertia of the thought processes of sentient beings. Thats how a Buddha is able to make an accurate prediction to occur 2,500 years later.

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  3. Thank you so much Philip dear. You are too kind. Here in Mauritius we are slowly pushing our way into summer which promises to be colorful and fabulous.We had some drizzle this morning but now the sun has made her way boldly and warmly in the sky which predicts a cosy day. Have a wonderful day.

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