​Nirvana – Ignotum per ignotius

The art of using the unknown to explain the still more unknown

It is human nature to misunderstand things or to distort the true meaning of phenomena in order to fit to our capacities and other delusional needs. It is imperative that the most Enlightened men and women that have come before have sunk into oblivion over thousands of years after discovering essential Truths that they intended for the benefit of all mankind. As such a man as wise as a Buddha would be absolutely aware of the fact that his universal discoveries of Nirvana and of those before him like Zarathustra, Vishnu and so on would become totally obsolete over time. 

This is not because the Enlightenment they discovered was not real, but rather because the disposition of the human mind changes over time. That is why such great persons make sure that Truth will never completely disappear from the world and thereby have to keep a certain secret lineage that the unenlightened cannot fathom, otherwise they would immediately become Awakened.
Why does after some long time the essence of Awakening disappear from the world? This especially happens due to the inherent idiosyncrasy of mankind to use knowledge provided by the most Enlightened men to form systems that are eventually used for mutual exploitation. The pundit that deceives the follower is no more a liar than the follower himself. All systems created by the virtue of human mind – monetary, governance, religious et al – all exist in a closed circuit. This means that they don’t really lead to inner emancipation of the soul because if the roots of a tree become rotten then what becomes of the leaves?
Nirvana will remain to be a mystery never to be discovered by many, yet its essence is the birthright of everyone. Misunderstood, for the simple reason that it’s the only realm in which the unknown can only be explained by use of the still more unknown. And defies all the ways in which our minds are conditioned to work things out.
Illusion is very cunning for it leads men to falsely think that Reason, Faith and Virtue are to be attained through the mundane and the petty dealings that are only geared towards the continuance of a man-made religion while these gems can only be found if one can look keenly within themselves through purity, all practice aside. From the peripheral we are supposed to get the fulfillment of wealth, safety and success. But deep from the stillness of the Soul we get something more valuable than all the beauty in the world combined.

22 thoughts on “​Nirvana – Ignotum per ignotius

  1. I’ve been thinking on this a long time and came to the same conclusion as you. Now, as we see this huge cultural interest in yoga and meditation, there are swarms more to sell your spirituality to you. Most of my friends love yoga yet speak in ways that defies the very point of yoga – acceptance and honor. “I can’t get in such and such pose. I am So frustrated” well of course. You’re looking at advertisements of essentially yoga models doing magnificent asanas to show you their overpriced yoga leggings.

    It seems most do not want to let themselves be in charge. Whether it’s so much cultural conditioning from Christianity and there’s a latent fear of hell, or the general disconnection of all of us, or whatever, spirituality and enlightenment are currently being peddled like a pyramid scheme and flip flops with Buddha’s Face.

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  2. Thanks a lot my beloved Friend. Its been long, where have you been?

    First, in the modern world nobody knows what the essence of true yoga is for the simple reason that they wouldn’t bother to understand the enlightenment of the man who invented yoga – Shiva.
    A quick question: is the message and the messenger two mutually exclusive phenomena?

    Second, the above point applies to meditation. In the modern world its just impossible to understand the role of meditation and people just use it to gratify their banal desires, because they wouldn’t care to get in the mind of a Buddha and truly understand him and his message.

    Finally, Christian conditioning has much impact on the ignorance of many since all of them fail to understand the simple message of Christ was supposed to be “INVOLVE PURITY IN ALL YOU DO AND GOD WILL DESCEND UPON YOU”.

    It’s indeed a lost world, a fact that all wise men in the past anticipated with much grief!

    Thanks for the comment, I was wondering where you have run to. Thought you have gone to enjoy the fruits of yoga with those friends of that are only intent on musing over their ephemeral bodies. Haha!

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  3. It’s actually funny my dear friend. I had typed a few comments to you over the past few days. I devoured everything you wrote like a fat kid at a Chinese buffet (haha) but didn’t notice I wasn’t logged in or something and nothing posted nor did it save. I was meaning to go back and re-write everything but haven’t had the time yet. It was my birthday over the weekend so I was celebrating with the family 😊

    No not at all. The message and messenger are two sides of the same coin – as with everything. The difference, truly is a matter of perspective and willingness to learn. I’ve been saying for awhile now that all in this life is a tool or a weapon inherently – it’s your decision on use. I view all people now as teachers, or as you say, messengers. I believe we all have different pieces of a massive puzzle of our enlightenment, consciousness, etc. for example – a random date a year and a half ago led me to the two words that fundamentally altered my life – Expect Nothing. It was a casual conversation, never saw the man again, yet those two words transformed me. I believe all of us are inherently trying to awaken but most of us don’t know, don’t realize, and don’t feel it. The depression and anxiety we feel is our disconnection from truth. Love. Flow – whatever that means to you. So, in that way, we all bring messages and are given messages to help us – if you seek. In the case of Yoga – I say do whatever makes you happy, I don’t care, but it makes me sad to watch everything be devoured by marketing, advertising, and more more more. The message for me there is those who don’t want to learn won’t, and your energy is always best spent on yourself.

    Well with meditation, the mindset is you meditate to do something. To get something. To find something. Again, it’s getting tainted with this … do what I do and I’ll help you! Thing yet that flies in the face of everything. If you can’t captain the ship of your soul, you will swirl the same waters regardless of how mad dope your lotus posture is. Alan Watts gave me great comfort and inspiration just yesterday, reminding me that Nirvana is phew. It is like despair in the sense of “I give up. I cannot change me, and I cannot change the world and it doesn’t matter anyway because it’s all a big game” I think we all tend to architect ourselves that we must do b before c, and a, b, and c must be a certain standard based on whatever. As with meditation, the reality is the very act of of acceptance – in meditation, sitting inside yourself quietly without motive, is transformative. People say oh well, if I do that I’ll never improve. They keep a carrot 6 feet ahead. For me, non duality is showing me it’s irrelevant. I am here now, and as I am, I am whole, I am
    Perfect. I am Buddha as we are all Buddha because this is our nature. All else is irrelevant.

    To Christianity: we’ve mucked it up quite a great deal. Again, the power of us, each of us, is getting placed in the hands of someone else. The priest can save me, The this. Salvation comes at your own hands, regardless of who you kneel to. The words are what really kill people. Purity – what does that mean? No naughty thoughts? No sex? What is it pure of? To most, it’s perfection. It’s clean. It’s without blemish. Could purity not be love? Unconditional love? Such that, oh my lord god, I love me as I love you. I know I have faults and shortcomings, and I love myself wholly and completely, for in love I am unblemished. I don’t see much of the latter and lots of the former. And coming back to the yoga side of things, I smile, nod, and remind myself people will do whatever they want to do, regardless of how I think. Enjoy the fancy asanas, I’m glad it makes you happy and I’m sorry your concept of happiness is so conditional lol. I don’t know the path they walk, but I will observe and learn from them all the same. ❤️😊

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  4. A better or more comprehensive comment this blog has never received. I will not dare add a word or letter to the wisdom you have shared above. Its all so perfect. Your thought processes tell so much about your own accomplishments in the effort towards stilling your “monkey mind” as you like to call it.

    I will be joyful to keep this great thought from a Lady of exact judgement and rare wisdom forever.

    Thank you so much.

    And on PURITY, I can’t help but laugh at how you have conjured magic around the word. Hahahaha!!

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  5. I am blushing and beaming with your words. Much of my insight is standing on the shoulders of great men – like you – who inspire me to continue to dig – beneath my surface and the appearances we all love to wear. I’ve been obsessed with writing, language, and vocabulary since I was a child. Yet, I’ve found now that words are weapons or tools as much as anything else. They create barriers were none should be. I actually have been wanting to write on this and haven’t gotten my thoughts together well enough. ❤️ maybe today!

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  6. There is a little secret on writing such great stuff, it happens when one masters that inner centre where nonarising of conditions abide. This is the mother of all skill. Plato, Socrates, Rumi, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Confucius and so on…all of them would concur that doing such work requires that DESIRELESSNESS be attained first.

    This is a state where one gets to transcend both their human and divine selves. Lemme give you a perfect example of the contrary. While Meher Baba was an enlightened man he couldn’t write or speak much about the mountain of Enlightenment he was carrying on his back. Why would it be that hard? Because its not easy to transcend the final transcence itself – awakening – because its like being hungry for thousands of years then all of a sudden you get a great meal to eat.

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  7. Oh my, once again, you’ve been peeking around my monkey brain!! 🙂 I wrote to myself yesterday and meditated last night: I wish to let go of all illusions of success and failure. Regardless of the definition or end point, it is a useless endeavor and serves only as another function of my ego attempting to control and distract. Creativity, which I think is essential to all communication, is an unbridled process with the only purpose of creation. I think this is why I am so drawn to tactile use of my hands. I am teaching myself to remember the point of doing is to do. Lao Tzu, I believe, said not to even seek the fruit of your karma, that the action itself is the joy. Baking a zucchini bread the other night, I felt a kinship with Ram Dass… the notion of cook, wash your dishes, and continue. Enlightened or not, you wash the dishes. haha. These simple “nothings” have been amazing, because it’s a colossal kick to remember: I am not on a journey and I have no destination. The point of music is to listen, the point of life is to live. The point of writing is to write – not to be famous, not to be a blogger, not to be anything but writing. To your point of desirelessness, I know very much that I have hindered myself writing by having desire and by paradoxically desiring not to desire hahaha. So what is one to do? Phew! I give up. Yesterday, I wrote whatever came to mind with no contrivances, and it was … heavenly 😉

    The great transcendence, I think, is not just seeing your ego as a lie, but also seeing that you are not able to help anyone unless they choose to help themselves. And this is where most lose sight, faith, and hope. The last piece is, of course, remembering that you are no thing and no one. That’s a toughie 🙂

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  8. You are so eloquent. I am curious to find out from whence your elocution arises. Inner bliss? I love it!

    All you have said above is so profound and comprehensive.

    When walking, walk.
    When eating, eat.
    When listening to music, listen!
    When baking, simply bake.
    When writing, just write.
    When thinking, think!
    When laughing, laugh!

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  9. 🙂 I’d say passion embraced with logic. There is nothing I love more than to mix up the intangibles with well thought out prose. It’s a challenge that make me smile every time. Maybe it’s a strength/weakness thing, but I love the fact that my mind seems to be able to take highly creative concepts and break them down into logical process – it’s what made me successful in my day job – training, teaching, enforcing process. When I have someone I can speak clearly to, without the usual blockages, it’s as if the Hoover Dam was blown open, and a flow is as easy to achieve as twiddling my fingers on the keyboard 🙂

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  10. Hahahaha I told you I’d catch up on my lost comments! And the credit goes to your beautiful profundity. If my comments are anything, they’re mere mirrors to the beauty of your words and I am grateful for every line I read!

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  11. I have always thought that if we do not have a job to do, we tend to get lazy. We also fail to appreciate the work and sacrifice it took to gain knowledge others have if we ourselves do not earn the right to it. But we also need to remember that as it has been said, sometimes it is as much about the journey as it is the destination. How can we get there after all, if we do not know where we are walking to, and upon whose bones we have already tread?

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  12. Haha! Bones? I like that meditation. Arrogance is what you are actually trying to give an exposition of, here. It is that that prevents mankind from accessing his innate divinity because he does give a hoot about why he was placed on this world in the first place. Its a question of why people fail to discover their own unique mission that will benefit many generations afterwards, in terms of spirituality since that is the greatest gift one can bestow upon the world.

    Thanks for your beautiful thoughts.

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  13. We can confidently say that due to your efforts to discipline beings in the True Way in your past lives that is how you have been able to cultivate such a beautiful and profound intellect. You have a very pure mind that is the garden where inner peace, bliss and enlightenment are coexisting so well.

    Be happy.


  14. Am sad there is a comment from you that I lost and now I feel like I lost a portion of my happiness yesterday. Where you mentioned the “numinous” intent to break a bone when huggin! haha! Thanks for the love and universal kindness, the pleasure is all mine. Have a blessed day ahead.


  15. Bella e importante la chiusura del tuo scritto , la belezza della propria anima é impagabile!
    Non condivido invece il condizionamento del cristianesimo perché esso è dovuto, come per le altre religioni, alla errata interpretazione. Cristo è amore, è in noi e noi siamo lui.

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  16. Grazie mille per la tua approvazione. Tu sei in grado di percepire la brillantezza della mia anima per la semplice ragione per avere un’anima simile purificata e risplendente. Il mio cuore trabocca con gioia insopportabile per sapere che hai saggezza e squisito discernimento per vedere che c’è tanta condizione in tutte le società. È dovuta a questa realizzazione e alla compassione che mi spinge a sollevare una mano per scrivere e proporre le verità, nonostante una scarsa mancanza di risorse, che aiuterà le anime coltivate a raggiungere l’intenzione dell’arte liberatoria e dell’illuminazione.

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  17. Grazie per le tue parole più incoraggianti. Hai ragione. La vera e perfetta Verità è indipendente da tutti i fenomeni materiali e il suo grande successo non dipende dalle condizioni. È così per natura – lucido auspicio anche quando non c’è nessuno da vedere. L’inconcepibile è la sua fondazione.


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