Inescapable Love

Out here in the far South of Atlantic,

I have learnt something quite terrific,

Your lovely skin is what I adore,

And is just what am fighting for.


Never really looked close at your red eyes,

But now they haunt me night and day,

And your blonde hair is an auspicious prize,

That I value more than I can say.


This life I left you for is a bore,

With a loneliness that scares the hell out of me,

Empty and replete with restlessness too,

Soon am coming back to you.


Pretty pink skin, red eyes, blonde hair,

Change that a little and I won’t care at all,

But I simply couldn’t love you, dear,

If your resplendent Soul wasn’t there.


4 thoughts on “Inescapable Love

  1. This is beautiful. I am unsure why, but it is calling to mind Plato… For awhile, I was hung on this notion of Twin Flame, suffering under the belief I had lost mine. Plato had described Zeus as cleaving our souls in half, dooming us to wander the earth in search of our twin soul/flame. For awhile, this led me to a lot of depression and loneliness, but then I realized if I perpetuate this notion of being incomplete, I am incomplete. I find myself at an interesting paradox where I feel very content in and of myself, yet deeply knowing there is someone or someones who hold pieces of my soul. Whether it’s love in the romantic sense or any other, I am excited at the prospect of meeting “the others”. I find that in all of this, I bring in the people I need, as we all do. As evidenced by me stumbling on your blog. It’s fun being aware of it, versus unconsciously meeting soul mates, if you will, and not realizing until the moment has fled. ❤

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  2. This is a powerful meditation. Whatever you have eaten today please be eating that frequently!

    Please allow me to clarify something small about Plato. While he was a great philosopher, his ideas still call for a little furnishing if they are to serve their best purpose. By the “other slice” Plato must have been referring to Enlightenment itself since that is the only thing that brings true and immortal completeness.

    Whenever you free your soul in this manner, that other worldly kind of love will come knocking on your doors because you have discovered so much diamonds to share with another. Note that the spiritual sleep many have limits their love to the material alone, the body and mind.


  3. This is going to sound bad, but this made me think of a dead bird I once held in my arms… It was an Arctic tern, found lying in the sea grass on a beach in our Pacific Northwest… It was clearly struggling when I found it, wounded in some way. I picked it up and carried it from place to place looking for a seabird sanctuary that did not exist. And as I held it, frustrated, there on the rainy beach, it tipped its sleek black head back to look skyward, its agate eyes turned glassy and rich, and it opened its black beak and seemed to sigh… suddenly becoming weightless and wooden in my hands. “There you go,” I thought, knowing its spirit had taken flight… Knowing now that something does indeed nest within our fragile bodies, taking wing when the Soul is called elsewhere…when the voice of our Creator calls us home.

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  4. This is deep. You exhibited a fabulous level of compassion for the bad and that of course the bird’s soul to dissolve in peace. Such is a good sign of our own innate qualities and virtues where your own innate being benefits from the joys of merits accumulated from such small but spiritually significant acts.

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