​The Punic Faith of Modern Civilization

The word ‘punic’, from Latin pūnicus, means that something or a phenomena is perfidious, treacherous of faithless. Perfidious, also is a word derived from Latin perfidiosus, a word that can be used to describe the nature of something or a situation that represents perfidy – that which is disloyal to what should in reality command one’s fidelity or allegiance. 

For the last several thousands of years the world has been so much change and the ultimate goal was to bring back the Golden Age back to the life mankind where many would be free, awakened and abiding in innate virtue. But this is not the case with what we have. 

Somewhere along the way humanity itself increased in the lower qualities and totally threw the proper way of life under the train. Now, though there is much wealth and material advancement in the modern world just one essential element is missing – inner peace and true enlightenment.

Wherever you keenly look upon man now and throughout his entire past, you will behold him in very different conditions: at one point he is perfecting his religiosity, at another he is obsessing with science, at another time carried away by Romanticism and at another (modern day) overwhelmed with deeds that do not lead to any significant generation of merits and virtues essential in his current and the hereafter life.

With such observances you will therefore be induced to inquire into the causes of this great confusion and suffering in the modern world where men are able to achieve everything else in the world but peace and true happiness that is not conditioned upon anything else. You will ask, “Is the current restlessness and short-termism (the doctrine of instant gratification) the natural condition of man?”

The modern civilization lacks something f essence because everything as we know it – from politics, religion and all society – everything is geared towards fulfilling the immediate ephemeral needs of mankind. When everything becomes rooted upon the periphery then the immaterial, the Soul, becomes neglected by large measure. By and by, this energy altogether combines to form a very miserable where you cannot find happiness or stillness or Enlightenment anywhere else other than going into your own Self. A hard task it is!

Every man, deep within himself, suspects that there must have been an order before commercialization of everything as it is now, superseded that need to bring back the Golden Age to the world. We find ourselves where might and materialism are the standards by which everything is measured. Thus far man has not been able to do any better to bring back the Golden Age because he is born ignorant in the first, and into a cunning society. The latter is an axiom.

8 thoughts on “​The Punic Faith of Modern Civilization

  1. Glad to see others with similar minds. We’ve come so far on the material side of things, in the West at least (generally), our lives are generally comfortable, we’ve got a stable source of food, shelter, etc. But there such a lack of spiritual development, we haven’t really changed fundamentally as people, despite change in just about every other aspect of life. I think you might be interested in my blog, I discuss similar things to you, it appears. All the best!

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  2. O thanks a lot David. You are perfectly right by every means. With such outstanding cognizance of that essence of spirituality it becomes easier to realize that a great responsibility is bestowed upon those who manage to rise to such a level of awareness as yours to assist in the liberation of other beings. We are one, thanks for knowing that.

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  3. I beg to differ. Whatever you see as a beginning is just a continuation of efforts you have exerted before. Nothing is new or old under the Sun. You have a penchant of recognizing the gold in all comparative religion as your last post tells a lot about your depth. We are on the same journey. Thanks for your friendship.

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  4. Thanks again, Philip. I hope we can both successfully play our role in helping show the world the beauty that underlies all religions. Looking forward to reading more of your journey.

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  5. Sure. Lets have a chance once you have gone through my work and evaluate the extent of my grit and zeal for this.

    Thank you so much for your wisdom and compassion to see this selfless role that we can play.

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