Forbearance – the quintessence of an authentic leader

Leadership in all sectors of human activities is the most debated subject in the modern-day corporation since a leader determines much in terms of the performance of his or her subordinates. Meaningful leadership therefore demands a certain level and quality of awareness that is uncommon of many people.

The authentic leader understand the need to break the psychological barriers between him and his subordinates and partners. I will elaborate this aspect with an anecdote of Abraham Lincoln during the civil war in America during the mid-1860s. Lincoln was a very wise man who had a penchant for recognizing true performance of his Generals in the war and was very cordial to them.

His unequaled humor explains a lot about his own innate spiritual evolution and cultivation since he always reasoned beyond the capacities of a leader of his level, a quality that makes him stand out from the long list of dramatis personae of other world leaders. He had a certain elusive ordinariness and awakening beneath his character.

Abraham Lincoln (U.S. president, 1860s) was always receiving severe criticisms about the way he was conducting the war.

“Grant is a drunkard,” complained a hostile delegation.

“So Grant gets drunk, does he?” queried Lincoln.

“He does and we can prove it,” was the hot reply.

“Well then, as a favor to me,” said Lincoln, “will you find out what brand of whiskey Grant drinks. I want to send a barrel to him and each of my generals.”

Grant was a military general who performed his duties diligently and won battles in the field regardless of his problem with alcohol. Thus a great leader is able to clearly perceive of an individual over and beyond the mere body and mind of the person.

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8 thoughts on “Forbearance – the quintessence of an authentic leader

  1. “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends” WOW. Lincoln really understood the spiritual principle of oneness. He realized that condemnation of others would solve nothing and that understanding and reason would allow him to solve any problem.

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