Impermanence of the body – a Discourse

The human body is impermanent, without permanent strength or power or solidity,
The body is like a bit of foam that can’t be grasped,

Just like the bubbles that don’t last long,

Like a mirage generated out of thirst for life,

It’s like a banana tree with nothing solid inside,

Like a fantasy arising out of confused views of reality,

It’s more of a dream, an illusory view of Truth.

The body is a shadow of many inconceivable factors accumulated by and by,

It’s like an echo, dependent on various factors and conditions,

Like a cloud that changes and disappears in an instant of several decades,

It’s like a lightning that changes from one moment to another.

The body is separate from self, like fire,

Whose lifespan is limited, like the nature of the wind,

Truly, the body is without person behind, it like water.

The body is realized to be empty when transcended,

On it’s own (without enlightenment), its ignorant just like plants and rocks,

The body is naturally inactive, being turned by the powers of the wind of mind,

It’s untrustworthy since even though one takes maximum care of it, it will necessarily disintegrate in its dissolution,

It’s a potential disaster since it’s the nest of a possible a thousand and one illnesses,

The human body is like a well located on a hill, pressed by age,

It’s unreliable since it dies despite being much needed,

In the end, the body is like a poisonous snake, a vengeful bandit and an empty-like aggregation.

Sirs and madams, the body being so calamitous and repugnant, one should reach for that which is over and beyond the mere body – perfect enlightenment.

10 thoughts on “Impermanence of the body – a Discourse

  1. It is my opinion that intelligence can be seen in one’s face. I trust body and mind to enjoy their mirror when the mirror is yours. For your face, is overflowing. With luck, we’ll sit and talk one day.

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  2. That comment is beautifully succinct, albeit poetic in a way that it eludes my complete understanding. Thanks. The mind and body are the far cries of a subtle Reality yet we one cannot fathom this Thatness if they forever cling in the aforementioned two realms of existence.

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  3. Walk around town today. With that in mind. Think about it for a week. I’ll be in the northern mountains bird hunting without electricity. No connectivity. I look forward to returning and seeing what else you’ve written. I say this with respect. You too, are not normal. I think it’s a very nice thing to be.

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  4. Yes, this is the essence of true and perfect enlightenment – to skillfully and practically reject the ordinary meaning of “normalcy” as used by the worldlings, which is used as a changeling to escape the real truth of things.

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