Seed-thoughts for acquiring Perfect Wisdom

Within the secret recesses of one’s own consciousness dwells a subtle awareness that already knows everything but unfortunately remains suppressed by the millions of delusions that arise from the mind itself. These delusions are accumulated over extended over long periods of times so that they are so hard to recognize as mere illusions and stuff which ego-mind is made of.

It is as such that it is impossible and largely futile to use mind to find mind in the endeavor to discover something of more substance and something that truly liberates. Thusly, when studying the liberative art of Awakening, it is imperative to thoroughly familiarize oneself with their innate intention for Enlightenment and substance, and then evoke that inner awareness aforementioned to develop the germs of thoughts into a full growth of conscious (transcendental) understanding.

Contemplate you must, for it is not from without, but from the volcano within that your glimpses of this phenomena of Nirvana shall come. Your Soul, if discovered, is a center of inexhaustible treasure of the limitless substance of the unequaled Presence of God-consciousness. One has to be conscious of Thatness as they are aware that they live, thereby learning to translate that pure awareness into practicable action hence learning how to transmute (as is commonly mentioned in Alchemy) that inner awareness into perfect wisdom.

The purpose of such an effort is to make possible the unfoldment of a Higher Consciousness, in order that one may attain a better understanding of the cosmic laws of Enlightenment expressed through various human personalities and idiosyncrasies. And it is when these Higher consciousness coupled with better understanding are imbibed in one’s actions that one is subsequently able to develop more skill in applying their experience of Enlightenment to the solution of their daily problems besides attainment to a certain level of impenetrable inner bliss.


9 thoughts on “Seed-thoughts for acquiring Perfect Wisdom

  1. I am always perplexed at the interest of so many in Enlightenment that they swoon over The Force and Jedi Training and books by those such as Carlos Castaneda and innumerable New Age gurus… yet will go no farther in study when such deeper, more thought-provoking works are out there in the world…So close, and yet so far!

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