The Physics of Enlightenment

The Universe as a Cosmic Dance

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Technically speaking, Physics is the perfectly rational approach to discovering enlightenment in the environment, albeit a very difficult path. A difficult path because the scientist behind the formula oft falls in the trap of using mind to search mind. This is why you will hear astounding philosophies coming from the mouths of the most accomplished physicists like Albert Einstein.

If you have a good appreciation for physics you can blissfully sit by the ocean during a summer afternoon when the weather is mellow, and watch the waves rolling in and out while feeling the feeling of your own breath movements, then in that very instant you can become astoundingly aware of your whole environment as being attuned to a gigantic cosmic dance. This is the simple “inner temple” that the ancients relished unlike we modern minds who have so many distractions around us that we are afraid of the thought “to go deep inside” itself.

The sand, rocks, water and air around you are made of vibrating atoms that consist of particles that interact with one another by creating and destroying other particles. The Earth’s atmosphere is continually being bombarded in showers of “cosmic rays” – particles of high energy that undergo multiple collisions as they go through the air.

This is the miniature expression of an enlightened universe. The nature of our souls operates in a similar fashion. A quick one: if the blind man does not recognize the beauty of the sun and the moon, does this mean that this beauty ceases to exist since he cannot perceive it? That’s the nature of the Enlightened Soul within each and every human being that lives within without cognizance of its exists and its spiritual needs and yearning.


9 thoughts on “The Physics of Enlightenment

  1. I have always luxuriated in the tug of the water, the claiming of toes by the sand when standing at the waterline… a Cosmic embrace just before the next wave pushes you back as though to say, “I love you but no, you’re not ready yet…”

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  2. Great. Thanks a lot for your great understanding of this most elusive subject. Einstein was a very advanced soul in the spiritual ladder that’s why he was positioned in the science field in order to assist mankind advance in his civilization through the discovery of nuclear energy and other laws that he discovered that will be remembered many thousands of years to come.

    Thanks for the comment, much appreciated and welcome again and again.

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  3. Actually, I would love to learn more about physics, to unearth pertinent theorems that I intend to use to lay bare this subject I teach here. To what level have you climbed that ladder of knowledge good Sir?

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