The Path of the Mystic

The Mystics preach different Teachings that at times appear to be unrelated,

Different since the Teachings are addressed to diverse groups at different times throughout past and present,

In accordance with their specific needs and capacities,

However, the utmost Awakening is one,

And the final destination to which all paths lead is One.

This sole and astute understanding is the unaltered state of a purified mind,

A mind that is pellucid as crystal,

By profoundly realizing this truth one is able to master the liberative art,

Thus doing, he is able to actually realize the Unsurpassed Nirvana.

9 thoughts on “The Path of the Mystic

  1. Very well consummated in your comment. Many are those who are unable to escape from the protectorate of the mind. For the reason that they have a vested interest in their own confusion w which fortunately does not alter the essence of the Ultimate Reality however learned one may be in the subjects and conjuring of meanings therefore. Truth is simple and very clear if only we can truly and duly make effort towards its attainment, and the consequent abiding in it.

    Thank you Radhika, best among those that exhibit unequalled clarity of vision for Thatness.

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  2. It is from you that I learned that one need not struggle to express the stillness of the perfect enlightenment, when I saw that Thatness can be expressed in a few lines I was like: “if Radhika can express this Suchness in three lines, why do people use tons of ink to conjures phantasms that they claim to be the Highest?”
    Seems like I have many Gurus, even the Buddha would envy me to see this aspect of One having innumerable number of Teachers!

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  3. Ohh! that means a lot!! Thanks too much… But you are doing a great work writing so many articles on same aspect yet having such varying ideas to it!! Keep going Philip👍🏾

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  4. Thanks. The expositions I purpose to continue making are just but a simple proof of the inexhaustible Nature of Nirvana that is glorious in its origin, glorious at the climax and exhibiting excellence in letter and spirit.

    I will evermore thank you for cheering me on. Grazie!

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