The Subtleties of the Unsurpassable Nirvana

The subtleties of Complete Enlightenment, quintessential and most pithy,
Are imbibed intimately, one-on-one,

To master them one also needs to ardently work on cultivating their pure Awareness,

Like the skilled gardener to his garden of beautiful flowers.

Like an ambitious apprentice to a goldsmith,

One must learn the art of melting and alloying,

Gold, and how to stoke the fire.

The vital subtleties of Awareness are also learned through practicable engagement,

With every situation that comes along your way,

Life begins to take a new route to unfathomable Bliss the more one cultivates wakefulness,

And by perceiving circumstances as Guides to something Higher than what they have experienced thus far,

The Unsurpassable and Inconceivable Nirvana.

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