The War against Delusion

Driven by deep-rooted ignorance,

The deluded wander in untellable bewilderment,

Restlessness and innate suffering from beginningless time.

First they are born into the Earth,

There is no other choice for them,

Then they have a burning desire to live for extra-long,

But suddenly they hear the call of the Angel of death.

Their hands tightly tied,

They cannot escape,

Dizzy their heads become, and thoughts darkened.

Without the attainment of the Deathless,

Such a one must fade in the infiniteness of unknowable oblivion,

Regardless of their status, station or accumulated vain glory during their lifetime,

Thanks to an acute lack of cultivation of merit and virtue,

The confused ‘wanderer’ is constantly chased by restlessness,

Torn apart by anxiety and baseless fear,

By actions that lack merit, purity of intention and awareness.

They are driven away in the dark night of the soul,

Then, regardless of their wishes and dreams,

They take birth in a completely strange and foreign disposition,

And the vicious cycle begins anew! 

17 thoughts on “The War against Delusion

  1. O grazie mille! Sono così umile a caso il favore della tua gentilezza e il raro saggezza della saggezza per vedere la bellezza in entrambi e nello spirito del mio lavoro. Non vedo l’ora di ridimensionare i miei sforzi per raggiungere più persone, ma i miei sforzi sono scoraggiati dalla mancanza di collaboratori con la cui collaborazione gli sforzi per proporre questo messaggio brillante possono raggiungere un livello superiore. Grazie mille.

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  2. Baha’u’llah, born nearly 200 years ago, in Persia (Iran), was the latest in what His followers believe to be an endless series of Manifestations of the Creator. If one studies the progression of Divine Revelation, it is evident that mankind, as a species, is becoming more unified, through the centuries. Christ taught us the supremacy of love, by giving up His very life for the healing of the human race. Baha’u’llah, born into nobility, gave up His privilege, at any early age, to work among the poor of Teheran. He adhered to the Teachings of His Predecessor, al-Bab (“The Gate”), and was thus cast into prison, as were all of al-Bab’s followers. Al-Bab, and many of His followers were killed by government forces, over a three-year period; al-Bab Himself being executed by firing squad, in July, 1850. Three years later, Baha’u’llah, in prison, had a dream, in which He was told of His Mission to mankind. What followed was His release from prison, and a series of exiles, to Baghdad, then to Constantinople (Istanbul), then to Adrianople (Edirne) and finally to Akka, then a prison city. His captors gradually saw His goodness of character, and He was freed, to live the latter part of His earthly life in a modest mansion, north of Haifa. Baha’ullah’s Teachings are a blueprint for the spiritual unification of the entire human race, not by coercion or subliminal persuasion, but through individual hearts changing and the gradual overcoming of various forms of prejudice. Baha’u’llah envisions a Golden Age of humanity, sometime within a thousand years of 1863, the year in which He proclaimed His Mission to the world.


  3. Thnaks for that detailed exposition. The Golden Age is here now, with the end of the dark Age. Tell me, what do you know about the prophecy concerning the Saoshyant? Or Imam Mehdi, according to Sunni Islam?

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  4. Do research. Then also research the origin of the prophecy concerning the Imam Mahdi. Try to see if you can draw any parallels with the prophecies made by Zoroaster concerning Prophet Muhammad [the last prophet] and Imam Mehdi [the first prophet].


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