Universality of Awakening

From the tip of grass to the highest star

Superior men/women in any society have an innate need for the Teaching of Truth,

Without it they are like blind eagles –

Even though they are perched on high ground,

Their dispensation has but little meaning.

The average men innately need Truth,

Without it they are like blind tigers,

Though possessing colossal strength,

It’s of little value if they can’t get sight of their prey.

Inferior men, too, need to seek Truth,

Without it they are like a merchant’s truck,

Though they carry a big and most valuable cargo,

It does them but little good to bear all that weight with no end in sight.

Even the most pretty ladies need Awareness,

Without it, they are like pictures on a wall,

Though they look extremely pretty,

They are not of much benefit to the cosmos – devoid of use or meaning.

Even the most ordinary ladies in the world needs to hearken Truth,

Without it they are like little rats,

Though they are clever at getting food,

Their lives have but little meaning if not accompanied with teachings of Truth.

Equally, the old men need to learn Nirvana,

Without it they are like decaying trees.

The youths need to learn the ways of Truth,

Without it they are like yoked bulls – even though they have immeasurable energy, it bears nothing much in the end.

Similarly, young girls need Truth learn,

Without it they are like decorated mannequins – though beautiful to behold, they lack the essence of Enlightenment.

Young people without the slightest interest for the liberative Art,

Are like beautiful blossoms shut within a shell – though their beauty is great it doesn’t serve much purpose to the higher goal of life.

Without conscious effort to learn Enlightenment,

All endeavors subtly lack in meaning and purpose,

Because Awakening is the only pole or axis which illumines on the purpose of the Bigger goal of life – Nirvana.

6 thoughts on “Universality of Awakening

  1. Maybe we should notice more than the bloom on the plant — which has a platform of roots and stems and leaves all designed to measure the sun, the rain, and the distance from its own seed…The truth is often muddy and rich in sustenance — something we cannot know if we only look at the shadow we cast!

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  2. Perfection::: The Truth comes before the world disguised in mud but rich in sustenance. The last axiom is the proper definition of Dharma, a clear meaning that is rare to hear even in the past 2,500 years. I will meditate upon this beautiful word – SUSTENANCE.

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