The place called enlightenment?

Sincerity of intention  is  the  place  of enlightenment,  because  of  the  absence  of falsity in one’s different activities.

The  exertion  of  awareness  is  the  place  of enlightenment,  because  it is  able  to differentiate the essence of all  things and phenomena. 

A profound  mind  is  the  place  of enlightenment, because it facilitates the multiplication of innate stores of merit.  

The  mind  of  constant purification through contemplative introspection  is  the  place of enlightenment,  because  of  the  absence  of error. 

Charity regarding what Is is  the  place  of enlightenment,  because  it doesn’t go  seeking  after reward.  

Conscious morality  is  the  place  of enlightenment,  because  of the  fulfillment  of one’s commitment to Thatness of Truth.  

Forbearance  is  the  place  of  enlightenment, because of  the  absence  of  any  mental obscuration  regarding people from diverse backgrounds.

Proper exertion is  the  place  of  enlightenment, because  retrogression isn’t possible into lower levels of consciousness ladder.  

Correct Meditation  is  the place  of enlightenment, because  that stills the mind thereby making it replete in conditions for unexcelled Nirvana.  

Wisdom is  the  place  of  enlightenment, because of  the  manifest  ability to synthesize Teachings appertaining to what Is, without the obstacles of time and place since Truth is changeless.
Transcendental compassion  is  the  place  of  enlightenment, because  of  the  forbearance  of  challenges encountered by others.  

Constant Joy  is  the  place  of  enlightenment, because  of  taking  pleasure  in  the  what Is.

Universally-same equanimity  is  the  place  of enlightenment,  because  of  the  eradication  of repugnance  and  affection but, rather, to stay centred in the elusive Seat of Objective Reality!

10 thoughts on “The place called enlightenment?

  1. Sincerity of intention — not just intention — is everything. How else can we be a responsible part of this world if we do not even know ourselves and our most secret need which drives sincerity? How else can we alter the trajectory of that need if we cannot see beyond our own predilection and selfishness to recognize the importance of the needs of others?

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  2. Thank you to share with us, good poetry. I also read your another piece of writing about listen, seeing, seeker…good to give really practice to blog’ friend。

    『Writing also equal to our meditation, take the practice to the dharma, that is thing put in one bag,enlightenment is a bag, seeker is a bag。』『I wish you to anywhere, and to the end of dharma, you don‘t bring the bag anymore』。 but bring the money when to the store.

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  3. Good. This is the highest Dharma am propounding here, if you are a true Buddhist then you wont struggle to realize that. None surpasses it due to a host of reasons.

    Thanks a lot for your wisdom especially in the first paragraph, I love your skillful use of similes to give an exposition of the Dharma.


  4. Your eloquence elucidates it all. Thank you so much. You clearly operate from an elevated seat of pure enlightenment. This is going to be my favorite of your comments. In it, I see that you skillfully encapsulated the essence of Nirvana as an ocean is encased in a single dewdrop.


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