​The Joy of abiding in Enlightenment

Joy is to always trust the Great Sages,
Joy is to desire to hear the teachings of self-liberation,

Joy is to exhibit constant loving-kindness.

Joy is to successfully transcend the realm of mindless craving,

Joy is to meditate on various attachments as vengeful bandits of one’s ultimate divinity,

Joy is to contemplate various delusions as poisonous snakes.

Joy is to maintain one’s intention for acquisition of Enlightenment in all situations,

Joy is to consciously be of benefit to other people either directly or indirectly,

Joy is to revere the Teachers who have walked the world before us, with a keen penchant to compassionately relate with their adversities and dispositions.

Joy is forbearance and pliability when relating with others,

Joy is the lack of obscurations in perception of Nirvana,

Joy is to eradicate all mental obstacles for the attainment of Perfect Wisdom.

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