Political Philosophy – a Treatise

The world has just recently come from the Dark Ages where war and crime was the order of the day. Continents and nations, over the last five-hundred years, have been overturned and mercilessly conquered, alongside innumerable civil wars and revolutions that led to endless bloodshed, besides other unmentionable evils that accompany warfare. But now the modern generation lives as if none of these happened although these memories are intricately stored at the back of every mind.

Funny enough, without war none of the modern civilization and liberty would have materialized. It could be partially true that chaos has to precede order in all societies. Nevertheless, there is a common suspect feeling in all that the world still lacks proper and enlightened leadership if we are to bring back the Golden Age here on Earth where good virtues abide and where proper Awareness finds favor in the heart of most men and women.

The problem in any civilization roots from leadership, then misfortunes trickle down to the lowest citizen. How little can be said that the modern ideals of authority are just disguised followers of the course of the former kings. The difference is that the ordinary men get to be elected into office and to deliberate their responsibility in their acute spiritual sleep and untellable unawareness. I have seen in my own nation leaders who have fetish for power just for the sake of it, without any purpose other than for accumulation of wealth and the satiation of their wicked bellies. The situation in other places is a replica of this, though due to the conditionings of the more developed nations it becomes difficult to see through these ills in the society. The human mind remains the same everywhere.

The root of all leadership problems in all places in the world is that they never heed the words of the truly wise. Leaders are very good at pretending to adhere to religion but the painful truth is that even in taking vows, the leader does this in sleep – just as a means of public relations (PR). This is the basis of the common axiom that “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF”. If one has a keen eye for detail, it would be easy to see that there are constantly-recurring events from the former times for the simple reason that the human mind remains unchanged regardless of how much his immediate environment might have changed or advanced.

Of old, the former kings were humble enough to identify wise men to share in the labors of the government. Fast forward to the modern governments where the wise men are the military generals who know nothing about the human soul, the scientists, the pundits and the fellow politicians and delegates. Synthesize all that and think why the modern leader is always anxious to go for war in spite of having all the wealth, commerce and work enough to keep him busy for the next one hundred years.

Thusly, the enlightened leader, when he wishes to proclaim and discuss the most pertinent concerns of a nation, he does not conceal the true intentions of the pending actions, and on this account even the gods would greatly respect such a leader. A great leader does not obscure the Truth in his communication with his people, and on this account the people would be greatly changed in their views.

The irony rife in the modern leaders is that they keep clamoring (without a sincere intention to benefits others) and get the attention of the people by alarming scandals and shallow speeches that are written and choreographed well beforehand, meaning that nothing such a leader says comes from the depths of his heart or intelligence. They wrangle about so much nothings. This way, they abandon the essence of proper virtue and the sins that result from such ignorance trickles down not only to the most ordinary citizen, but also to the future generations.

This is the confusion of all unenlightened democracy where, even though the electorate sees clearly the depth of restlessness in their leaders just as they see fire (that in the end might burn one), they are the ones who produce such errors. Hence there is no duality here. The confusion of leadership in the world is just but a far cry of the heightened ignorance of the masses themselves.

4 thoughts on “Political Philosophy – a Treatise

  1. That gum made them not to reason outside in order to see the evils of the societies in which they were standing upon. And that is why the best western philosophy died because it lacked something of essence. Something to do with downright sincerity and enlightenment.

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  2. Perhaps it has to do with cultural perspectives… the west tends to believe that the trajectory of one’s fate lies in one’s own hands; the east tends to believe that it depends on one’s ability to interpret what is actually IN one’s hands…along with the obligation of action or inaction… all of which is connected to the very idea of sincerity and intent… or so I see it. (I am reminded of an American credit card commercial that ends asking: what’s in YOUR wallet?)

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  3. Haha, what’s in ones wallet? I find commercials to be a perfect exposition of the ignorance of those thought to be the elite. A commercial worked on by several guys of supreme education and passed through a think corporate hierarchy for approval and none of those bread crusts notices any stupidity in the philosophy. Why? Because all have their eyes on the prize and forget to abide in the PRESENT!

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