The Executive with Awareness

Philosophy concerning the modern corporation


Everything around us has evolved at an alarming rate except for effectiveness. If all factors are held constant – level of education, opportunity, dispensation and resources – we find out that despite all the development that has occasioned the modern corporation largely lacks the essence of awareness in it executives through all ranks.

True awareness in a worker heralds a higher level of performance, achievement and fulfillment in the work. This is not the case with even the best companies in Wall Street where innate human needs (awareness) are not considered at all, much less the cognizance of their existence. Most men and women leave their offices everyday having a subtle knowledge that they only show up at work due to the desperate need of that paycheck at the end of the month. How is this so? If from the man on top of the corporate ladder to the one on the lowest rung lacks awareness then the entire organization is like an asylum where, though the Gross Earnings targets are met, no one can confess of true and genuine contentment with their work and surroundings thereof.

The greatest universities in the world, contrary to their proclamations, cannot breed a new race of supermen even if they had all the resources the world to do so for the simple reason that all they do is fill the conscious memory of the student while the aspect of awareness remains entirely untouched. Thus, even as a person graduates with an honors degree from Harvard University, they are just as ignorant as the man in the street, the only difference being that he can balance numbers on a computer screen and has accumulated various academic prejudices and presumptions which his learned professors exhort them to use as an eternal substitute for true awareness.

What seems to be wanted in the world (though this happens in deep spiritual sleep) is universal geniuses, though the universal genius is forever in scarce supply because nobody has the courage to face the obstacles in the path of Enlightenment. The experience of the human race indicates strongly that the only person in abundant supply is the universal incompetent.

We will therefore have to staff our organizations with people who at best excel in one of these abilities. And then they are more than likely to lack any but the most modest endowment in the others. This due to an acute lack of consideration of Awareness which is the nexus of all activities of mankind. I have seen that when workers want to increase their performance in the organization they just go for a second degree. Awareness still remains untouched because the modern mind only reasons horizontally where the vertical essence of life is completely ignored.

6 thoughts on “The Executive with Awareness

  1. Exactly! Your clarity to see through the impenetrable reality is outstanding. This one of the motivations for reintroducing “the devil’s dictionary” to hint at how mankind has defined everything to suit his own illusions and desires and fetishes. In any civilization decadence it begins with an abuse of language where people recreate their own definitions and even they recreate their own understanding of worship to suit their own vanities. The concept of the genius is widely misunderstood. Buddha was a genius, Jesus was a genius, Zarathustra was a genius, Socrates was a genius, Lao Tzu was a genius and many others. In 2,000 years to come I hope the same will be said of you. LOL!!

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