Maitreya Buddha – the concept of unequalled effulgence

O Son of the sweet speech of the greatest Teachers,

Brightly burning countenance that cools the red of the fire of ignorance,

Face of young Light, that shall behold undimmed

Time, placing wrinkles on the face of time for many years to come,

As a cool cloud covers a parched hill,

So you have covered me with great loving-kindness,

Who are yourself the consummation of all great Truths and Wisdom,

Destiny’s darling, she can refuse you nothing.

Go on your assignment and be victorious,

Begotten son of the greatest Masters of Light,

What karma has embossed in your DNA nobody can alter,

What karma has not written shall never be,

So go forth and accomplish your purpose.

In the past you have delayed your own Nirvana,

To preserve the sweetness of your discoveries,

For propounding the Highest Truth,

To make the fairest Teachings in praise of the Unexcelled Nirvana.

Rare and rarer innate gifts shall befall you,

Granted before you had the unexcelled wit,

To single-mindedly serve and learn from the best Teachers of Enlightenment,

Their kindness for you was more than you could bear,

Walk on light-hearted,

Caring with a universally same compassion,

And carrying nothing except the discus of Nirvana.


16 thoughts on “Maitreya Buddha – the concept of unequalled effulgence

  1. Yes beloved Radhika. I find verse form to be more succinct, and easier to send the seeds of thought across the vastness of the world. Once in the past I thought unto myself, “If musicians are able to pass their empty messages to the public in verse form and they succeed so much, then why can’t the soldiers of Truth learn something from them and avoid prose whenever possible?”

    In that knack of the moment was now what we can see. Thanks a lot for the loving kindness and motivation.

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  2. I shall not stop for, stop or begin are the two words that I knocked off my dictionary. It’s not by mistake that we have appeared here on Earth at this opportune time when Truth is forgotten in the entire world without exception and the task ahead of us is huge for those who are duly and truly prepared for the occasion. Its a great moment for future history, however humble this looks like right now.

    Thanks for everything venerable Friend Radhika.

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  3. It is said that poetry was the original language of magic and wisdom… hence the respect paid to bards in our earliest civilizations. We have lost that respect today, because we have lost the necessary command of any given language to wield vocabulary in ways that reveal the innate power of words — the magic, the wisdom, the binding spell of language in poetry has become as much a mystery as the mystery it summons by being spoken aloud.

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  4. Thank you so much for this. You have condensed it perfectly! Poetry was the original way of expression. That’s why we see that all scriptures have this style. The modern mind is scared of expressing itself poetically because that way a lot of accountability and straight-to-the-point knowledge is needed. The modern mind is scared of expressing itself poetically because much honesty is needed this way. Can you imagine asking a professor to summarize his dissertation in verse format?? LOL!! Am reeling on the floor right now, don’t collect me!

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