Pearls of wisdom from ancient Ireland

The Island of Scholars

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When the Earth was created in the beginningless time, every race and culture had a specific role it was supposed to play in order to bring a certain hidden Golden Age on the planet. But unfortunately some mishaps happened along the way when men realized the forbidden fruit of greed and desire to domineer mindlessly over others. Thus we will see that some races could make great scholars, another great saints and another would produce great philosophers and so on.

Legend has it that Ireland had discovered America a millennium before Christopher Columbus set foot in the great continent. The Ireland of the ancient times was a land of very authentic saints, scholars and curious travelers. They were positively energetic and restless, and proud of their independence of thought – both political and religious. These great qualities they must have inherit from their legendary ancestors – the Phoenicians.

The ancient Irish loved change and positive activity and thusly had a peculiar interest to transfer their genius and enterprise to other places. The sea which surrounded them on all sides must have been a great trigger to their intelligence and their subsequent projects. Those who made expeditions to the far lands of America were seen to have a proud spirit for life and great activity that was replete in cares of good commerce.

Back in those ancient times Ireland was nicknamed “Island of Scholars” because it had an innately national urge to explore and introduce into the strange lands their advance in science and experiences, long before the English or Italian ideas came into existence. The Irish Celts had monasteries, learning of its druids (mystics or spiritual Gurus) and an ardor of missionaries that professed on the ideas of Justice, concept of humanity and sciences that were only known to the Greek at that time.

There are many gems that existed in different nations. As with Ireland, much was destroyed especially as soon as the Italian Empires set foot there incalculable manuscripts and books of the Irish Druids were destroyed (as it happens when one party invades and wins the war against another) as if they were of inferior value and nothing fit to be preserved by mankind. The same was repeated later by their other neighbors.

Hence, this is a case of all places in the world. There is a diamond in everyone [or every nation, race, doctrine etc.] the secret is that one must remove the dross first to get to see the invaluable pearl.


8 thoughts on “Pearls of wisdom from ancient Ireland

  1. Funny enough I haven’t read “the galactic messages” but I always know there was supposed to be a unique role such a country was supposed to play in heralding the advent of a New Age for all mankind.

    Thanks for the reblog.


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