A burlesque biography of Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln (USA President, 1861-1865) is one person that I hold in high regard and I will always narrate his anecdotes as long as I live. He was a very advanced Soul in the Enlightenment ladder and was most definitely a man headed for Buddhahood in his future lives. It is difficult for many to see the divinity in others because they attempt to do so through their material eyes. Yet material eyes have a limited vision since the immaterial can only be seen through the third Eye. That said, Lincoln [let’s called him Guru Lincoln for the sake of the joke below] used his life to Teach, practically so.

Lincoln always had appropriate answers. Once when he and Peter Cartwright were opponents for congress Lincoln attended one of his fiery revivals. Reverend Cartwright asked all to stand that desired to go to heaven. All stood up but Lincoln.

“Mr. Lincoln, don’t you want to go to heaven?” he asked, deeply amazed. “Oh no!” said Lincoln. “I want to go to congress!”

Abe Lincoln wrote a few poems some of which were found among his note books.

Abraham Lincoln is my name

And with my pen I wrote the same;

I wrote in both haste and speed

And left it here for fools to read.

Other humorous verses written in his youth days:—

Abraham Lincoln,

His hand and pen,

He will be good,

But God knows when.

Good boys who to their books themselves apply,

Will be great men by and by.

Then when 37 years old he wrote a beautiful poem of ten verses entitled “Memory,” describing a visit to his old Kentucky home. Here is the first verse only.

“My childhood’s home I see again,

And saddened with the view;

And still as memory crowds my brain,

There’s pleasure in it, too.”

11 thoughts on “A burlesque biography of Abraham Lincoln

  1. Sometimes all that stands between you and knowledge is the ability to laugh in the face of adversity. It is why so many primitive cultures have tricksters who teach through absurd antics, and how the point is made that there is more than one way to look at a situation — the better one often seen through unexpected angles!

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