Nirvana – a Teaching elegant in expression, in method and in perspicuity

Ever since the beginning of time Teaching of Enlightenment has been a subject of major concern for the Awakened Ones for the reason that their message becomes forgotten as soon as their final nirvana and demise occurs. It is for such reasons that it is rare to find works that can help you attain the Ultimate Experience since what remains of the Great Teachers is soon corrupted by the blemish of the ignorant mind of the subsequent “believers”.

The greatest among Teachers don’t show up until several thousands of years have passed, when the way to Supreme Enlightenment has become completely forgotten. As such, they forgo the many embellishments that the world has to offer to a genius mind. Thus said, they Teach for the few who have conceived the intention to achieve the highest form of Awakening.

The motivation behind their zeal and zest is the awareness that there exists good people, even in the darkest hour of a civilization, who, if they are unable to hear such a Teaching of the Ultimate Liberation like this, would lose its good, gracious and freeing benefit. On the contrary, when good people such as these hear such a Teaching, they usually receive it with great Faith, Joy. They get to realize the rarity of such Guidance and hence accept it with Humility while explaining it to others that find resonance in it, extensively so according to the benefits that beings shall receive such great gems in the Teaching.

On the other hand many are those who have immense difficulty in learning something new. This could be due to the attachment the modern world has to miscellaneous quotes [as is evident in all social media] and the attachment many have for idle talk and dry arguments that cannot hold water. Another key reason why the modern mind is so removed from deliverance is due to the fear instilled in them over the many hundreds of years during this dying Kali Age where men have so much fear of penetrating deeply into the actualities of profound meanings of Teachings passed from the greatest and most Awakened individuals.

A great Teaching of Enlightenment is that which is without mucks of defilement accumulated through the expanse of pastime, upon whose hearing causes the mind of one to become purified, thereby adeptly accepting and maintaining It. A good World Teacher is he who is definite about the extremely profound Truth.


12 thoughts on “Nirvana – a Teaching elegant in expression, in method and in perspicuity

  1. Good. That’s a miniscule reflection of the vastness of the nature of Enlightenment. Thousands of factors intertwine to form one great opera-like experience called Full Awakening. This is a more specific exposition of why many miss it even though they spend all their lives searching, since it is possible for one to cultivate certain factors (of enlightenment) while remaining oblivious of others that are equally pertinent ingredients for the final Attainment.


  2. How does the “evidence” become perceivable? Are there signs to tell if someone is still on the right path or not, and are there signs to tell at what stage of the journey one has come thus far?


  3. I blame the electric light. Ever since we learned to banish the darkness with the flick of a finger, we have assumed we can banish the darkness in our souls. As long as we sit in the fake light, we have fake confidence… we have learned to love the distraction of noise and embraced the belief that as long as the lights are on and we talk loudly, no bad thing can come for us, can bleed into our hearts. Yet all knowledge is balanced… we cannot know the difference between good and bad without knowing them both and committing our souls to an Enlightened choice — a choice made fully awake. We just need to turn off the lights, welcome the dark along with its silence and remember from whence we came in order to see where we are and where it is we are heading. One cannot stand until one has learned where the point of overbalance results in our sitting flat on our backsides… and for that, no electric light is necessary!

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  4. O wow! This is colossal wisdom you have rendered here Am very sure Lord Buddha is now staring at your mind with a big smile as he enjoys the Unsurpassable Bliss in his Parinirvana!

    Your parables are the best I have seen in the modern world. It has made me elicit a big smile when you have likened human spiritual ignorance as “we discovered the light bulb and since then mankind is flattered to think that he can put off the darkness in his soul in a similar fashion”.

    Thanks for the wisdom! This is enough to make me silent for a whole meditating on it, lol!

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  5. As long as we sit down in the phony clean, we receive phony confidence… we receive learned to dear the beguilement of haphazardness and embraced the feeling that as long as the cleans are on and we lecture loudly, no forged affair can follow for us, can phlebotomize into our hearts.
    Thanks for the wiseness!

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