The Apologia pro Vita Sua of an Awakened Seeker

The world, for many thousands of years now, cares little about the true meaning of the word seeker, hence the reason I have attached the word “Awakened” to it for, many think of themselves of seekers when in fact they are not and without the slightest characteristic thereof. This has not deterred the existence of the tradition of the seeker which is as old as humanity itself since this was the original assignment of all mankind: TO SEEK, TO LIVE and TO LEARN.

The Awakened Seeker understands that his efforts might bring a little profit to mankind, however meagre the effort may seem. It is the firm conviction of every seeker that the holy duty should point the way to the Ultimate Enlightenment, and that only universal good can flow from their endeavors, else they would remain unnoticed throughout the ages.

The inward movements of the Soul is what really prompts one to seek more than what the societies of the world provide – society is only good at providing half-truths and fabricated stories concerning the essence of religion.

The journey of every seeker is unique in its own way. There are important occurrences that influence the mind of the seeker to search for something more essential, something that no society or school can provide. These are the events that, in the beginning, sting the seeker to his heart’s innermost fiber thereby jolting into a characteristic wakefulness peculiar to all the greatly enlightened ones.

5 thoughts on “The Apologia pro Vita Sua of an Awakened Seeker

  1. And all of this time we believe our unhappiness, our restlessness is related to the material world. So we fill ourselves with inadequate and superficial things, surprised that our hunger not only continues, but intensifies when we don’t give our soul what it howls for…

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  2. Exactly. This is a universal fallacy because the human mind is universally same in the way it develops delusions. The world is lost, for good. The problem is that people reason, “But everybody lives this way, so we cant be far from wrong”. And the movie continues..

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